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Vibrator bundles.

Couples sex kits, bundles of joy – whatever you want to call them, our sex toy bundles are perfect if you want more b...
Sweat sesh
Special offer

Sweat sesh

The clitoral play vibrator set.

$104.00 $89.00
Special offer


The internal and external sex toy bundle.

$120.00 $100.00
Erogenous Ecstasy
Special offer

Erogenous Ecstasy

The full body sex toy bundle.

$120.00 $100.00

Find your perfect vibrator

New to sex toys? Or simply want to spice up your nightstand. Tell us about you (or whoever you’re buying for) and we’ll intro you to the perfect match.


How to use every type of vibrator

  • First Time
    Special offer

    First Time

    The lube and vibrator bundle.

    $79.95 $70.00
  • Did you know...

    Forget everything that film and TV have taught you about p-in-v pleasure. 80% of people with vulvas need outercourse to reach orgasm.

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  • Oral Enchantment
    Notify when available

    Oral Enchantment

    The oral sex vibrator set.

    $208.94 $170.00
  • Partner Play
    Notify when available

    Partner Play

    The couple’s sex kit

    $208.95 $170.00
  • Did you know?

    Smell is the most direct pathway to memory and emotions. Pair pleasure with a sensually arousing scent and ignite the passion again, and again…

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  • Slip Slide & Swipe
    Special offer

    Slip Slide & Swipe

    $37.85 $32.95
  • Tickle Me Tender
    Special offer

    Tickle Me Tender

    The lube and lipstick vibrator bundle.

    $89.90 $79.00

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