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The candle and massage oil bundle.

Just a sweet, sweet Outdoor Fantasy baby! Featuring our sexiest of sex candles, Sweaty Orgasmic Manifestation, and our silky and sensual Wild Erotic Massage oil, this come together combo is here to satisfy those wilderness-inspired desires. So, who’s feeling adventurous?


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Outdoor Fantasy

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    Made in France

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    Vegan + cruelty-free

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    Eco-friendly rapeseed wax

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    100% natural

Level up your libido

Build arousal, create deeper connections and gently tease all areas of the body – experimenting with pressure, intensity, and long, gliding strokes.

Reignite your burning desires

The ultimate tool for sensual escapism. Use the musky, meadow-like scent of warm summer nights to trigger sexual emotions, past, present and future.

Outdoor Fantasy


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Other important stuff

Volume: 180 g/6.3 oz

Get a full run down of our scented candle's ingredients

100 ml bottle

Get a full run-down of our massage oil's ingredients


Our Erotic Kneads Massage oils are for external use only. They’re perfect for all-body massage or focusing on one specific area. If you’re using them on vulvas or penises, clean the area afterwards – especially if you’re using condoms.

No, massage oil and lubricant are not the same. Lubricants (we love water-based ones) are designed for use on the vulva or vagina to increase sensations and ease dryness and discomfort during sex. Massage oils are for sensual play on the whole body. Because massage oils are oil-based, they can damage condoms and silicone sex toys – so be sure to keep them separate.

Before every burning session, trim the wick to no longer than 0.5cm. After extinguishing the candle and waiting for the wax to cool, re-align and straighten the wick. Doing this will ensure the candle burns slowly and evenly and helps reduce smoke marks around the edge of the glass holder.

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