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22 Oct 2022 (Last updated 17 Nov 2023)

The very cheeky holiday gift guide.

Vibrator Guide 7 min read
Smile Makers Author
sexual wellness gift ideas for the holidays

Shop by recipient or budget in our 2023 holiday gift guide.

Pleasure, it's the gift that keeps on giving! Here at Smile Makers, we are pros at helping you pick the right sexual wellness product for you - or someone you love. Our vibrators are made for those magical unwrapping moments (just look at our beautiful packaging), whilst our candles and massage oils make a sensual present - and, let's not forget the stocking stuffers. There's more choice than ever be for to make it a very cheeky holiday season for one and all.

Gifts under $40.

From stocking stuffers to secret Santa - cheerful, budget-friendly ways to give - and receive - plenty of pleasure.

The Whisperer packaging

The Surfer packaging

For renewed-comers... The Whisperer.

The lipstick vibrator designed by moms for moms (or anyone that’s experienced a pause in pleasure) is giving ‘silent night’.

Super soft silicone makes the return to sex, solo or partnered, quiet, gentle and calm. Gift your friend or s/o The Whisperer to help them reconnect with their sexual selves ahead of the new year.

For travelers... The Surfer.

Reinvigorate pleasure with the budget-friendly bullet vibrator that is powerful enough to be unforgettable. Made for direct clitoral stimulation, it’s bound to change the sexual tide of its recipient.

The Surfer’s compact size means it’s discreet enough to be a good travel companion; energizing the busiest of jetsetters and the lightest of packers. Now with a travel lock feature!

For cheeky pals... The Neighbor.

A friendly butt vibrator that everybody can get behind. Taking inspiration from the first ever study that focuses on women’s anal pleasure, The Neighbor is a new-vibe on the block. Its shape and design is fully optimized to enhance feel-good sensations.

One in three are having anal sex, so why not encourage someone to go between the cheeks on their own terms and find the stimulation they really enjoy.

For homebodies... Sex Scented Candle.

Introduce a friend to a candle that kindles erotic thoughts. Each Orgasmic Manifestation scent is blended in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, for top quality, mood-setting sexual smells.180g, hand-poured, vegan, eco-friendly rapeseed wax. Choose between three…

For sensual lovers... Scented Massage Oil.

Send them some sensual feels, literally. For friends and partners alike, these massage oils act as a sensorial stimulant. Combining smell, touch and sight; a drop of Erotic Kneads enhances bodily connection. 100ml bottle, 100% natural, vegan & cruelty-free.

Gifts under $60.

Choose from the best collection of vibrators for beginners to help someone celebrate their sexual selves and pleasure potential!

The Billionaire packaging

The Firefighter packaging

For first timers... The Billionaire.

Starting at the beginning can be daunting, and the same goes for using a sex toy for the first time. So, fund a friend’s pleasure investment with a versatile vibrator designed for internal and external stimulation that comes with a wealth of tips on how to use it.

The Billionaire’s style is smooth and sleek; a lavish gift that is economical. Afterall, the lessons in pleasure and not faking orgasms is worth their weight in gold alone. 

For fun seekers... The Firefighter.

Playful, bright and fierce, just like your bestie. This clitoral vibrator will go down as the greatest advice you ever give your friend… though, it might be the only time you encourage them to play with fire.

The Firefighter’s unique shape lights up the eyes, whilst the vibrations from the flame that extend stimulation to the labia ignite multiple orgasms.

For adventurers... The French Lover.

Gift a ticketless sensual escape that will get them in the mood for adventure. This tongue vibrator is a handy tour guide to help them traverse their body, and a partner’s body, to map out undiscovered erogenous landmarks.

The French Lover’s flexible tip and strong to gentle vibrations mimic oral sensation on the vulva, too. On its lowest, most subtle setting, it can provide delicate genital stimulation for people with vulvodynia.

For fitness enthusiasts... The Tennis Pro.

Get your friend a new workout buddy to boost their wellbeing in ways they may never have considered before. Sexual wellness is about pleasure too, and a G-Spot vibrator is one way to motivate them to work up a sweat.

The Tennis Pro is an expert in the repetitive, rhythmic exercises to really target the internal erogenous zone so often on the orgasm podium.

Gifts under $90.

The Ballerina packaging

The Romantic packaging

For meditators... The Ballerina.

Remind those in your life who need help slowing down that solo sex is a great stress reliever. Meditation apps on phones aren’t for everybody, but this sensual vibe is - gifting them the time to disconnect and tap into calm via pleasure and orgasms instead.

The Ballerina feels like a cupping of a human hand – designed for all-over vulva stimulation, yet its soft-firm texture is enjoyed by penis havers, too.

For introverts... The Romantic.

Does your friend have their daily self-care ritual down? These practices boost self-esteem and self-love, and this internal vibrator ensures pleasure is purposeful, too. Sensuously shaped to enhance the passionate moves made on all the vaginal erogenous spots; from just inside the entrance, the lower third where most the nerve endings are, or even deeper.

The Romantic redefines penetration, prompting your friend to fulfill their pleasure potential on their terms.

Gifts under $130.

For the pleasure connoisseurs in your life who like innovative technology and the latest designs. These thoughtful vibrators make perfect presents for partners thanks to their luxurious unboxing experiences.

The Artist packaging

The Poet packaging

For creatives... The Artist.

The rabbit vibrator of the year offers a very fulfilling experience, literally. Its two vibrator heads are designed to simultaneously stimulate both vaginal and clitoral pleasure spots for a sensual embrace.

The Artist allows the recipient to personalize the vibe themselves. From adjustable angles of each head, mixing the pulsation modes and squeezable intensity sensors; there’s a lot of fun to be had painting their very own pleasure picture… over and over again.

For dreamers... The Poet.

Surprise them with a gift that sucks… This innovative toy was the first clit sucker to include three interchangeable mouths, plus it has squeeze sensors to quickly and easily increase the speed.

The Poet is wrapped up in a bell-jar box ready to take their breath away – the most awe-inspiring gift ever.

The best sexual wellness gift sets.

Stocking stuffers.

For penis pals... Condoms.

Presents aren't the only things getting wrapped. For penis havers and penis lovers alike, these condoms are all that they’ve come to expect from safe sex – extra-lubricated, vegan-friendly and ultra-thin, but in better packaging.

Come Connected condoms special buttercup design decrease the chance of rips and ensures that they always open them up the right way up. 10 per box.

For the curious... The Gift Card.

Want to help kickstart your friend’s or partner’s vibrator journey, or fuel the sexual wellness fire they have already ignited, but unsure where to start? Enter the Smile Makers’ Gift Card.

This eGift card is sent to you via email, so you can pass it on to the lucky recipient when you’re ready. This is the ultimate last-minute gift!

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