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Sensual scented candle.

Level up the intimacy and surrender to a total sensual seduction. Alluring aromas of amber and vanilla will intensify that sweet, sweet lovin’ – while juicy, citrusy bergamot stirs up fantasies of hot, humid days and sultry summer nights (you know the kind). 180 g/6.3 oz.


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Tender Orgasmic Manifestation



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    30 hours burn time

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    Made in France

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    Eco-friendly rapeseed wax

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Manifest your pleasure

Make the moment more meaningful by taking the time to write your intentions on the lid. Once lit, the candle will help bring all your erotic dreams and desires into being.

Soft and sensuous

Notes of mandarin, bergamot, frangipani, amber and vanilla come together to create a scent that’s sweet, sensual and deeply relaxing. Like a far-flung escape to the beaches of Bali.

Tender Orgasmic Manifestation


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Ingredients and other important stuff

Before every burning session, trim the wick to no longer than 0.5cm. After extinguishing the candle and waiting for the wax to cool, re-align and straighten the wick. Doing this will ensure the candle burns slowly and evenly and helps reduce smoke marks around the edge of the glass holder.

OTNE, Benzyl salicylate, Geraniol, Alpha-methyl-3 4-methylenedioxy hydrocinnamic aldehyde,  Nerol, D-limonene, Terpenes and terpenoids.

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