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02 Aug 2023 (Last updated 28 Sep 2023)

How I masturbate: Eleanor, 34.

Solo sex 1 min read
Smile Makers Author
How I masturbate: Eleanor, 34.

 A month in the masturbation life of Eleanor, a 34-year-old who finds that pleasure comes a lot easier with some peace and quiet.

Living situation: Solo.

Relationship status: Single, never had a relationship.

Pronouns: She/her

What sexual orientation best fits you right now? Heterosexual.

How many sex toys do you own? One, The Romantic from Smile Makers.

Do you ever use lube during masturbation? Never.

How would you describe your libido atm? Horny most of the time.

Growing up, what kind of convos did you have about sex? None, it was never discussed.

At what age do you first remember masturbating? 13-14 years old.

Eleanor's masturbation diary.

Week one.

This week I had to move back to my mom's place temporarily so that meant no privacy and no self-pleasure. Also, I wasn't horny as much, luckily.

Week two.

I went on a business trip for 4 days, which meant alone in hotel room and plenty of time for masturbation. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my only toy, so I had to be creative with my fingers.

Week three.

Back home again meant no privacy and lots of horniness. Can't wait to go back to my place and pleasuring myself whenever I can.

Week four.

Another business trip and all the self-pleasure I can get. I was so horny this week that I could have stayed in my hotel room all day. 

Masturbation diaries by the Smile Makers' community are here to talk about what we rarely talk about... how we masturbate! We hope to inspire and prove that each and every one of us is writing our very own sexual story. We also adore that it's a great time to reflect on our monthly pleasure, and really take note of how it impacts our wellness!

Want to share yours? Let us know what a month of masturbating (or not!) looked like for you, and if we feature yours, we'll send you Smile Makers' goodie as a token of our appreciation for inspiring us all.

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