Stay Silky Serum - Balanced intimate lubricant
Stay Silky Serum - Balanced intimate lubricant
Stay Silky Serum - Balanced intimate lubricant
Stay Silky Serum - Balanced intimate lubricant
Stay Silky Serum - Balanced intimate lubricant
Stay Silky Serum - Balanced intimate lubricant

Stay Silky Serum

Silky and soft, this lubricant instantly soothes the skin for a smoother, velvety feel.


A balanced intimate lubricant, extremely soft and perfect for any situation

For foreplay and penetrative sex
For women with a moderate need for lubrication


  • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (DPG): Anti-stinging, anti-inflammatory natural plant extract used to counter irritation caused by mechanical friction during sexual activity
  • Sodium Benzoate: A salt used as a natural preservative to prevent microbial growth
  • Refined Glycerine: A water-soluble synthetic used to make the lubricant slippery
  • Methyl Propanediol: A water solubilizer added to give velvety- silky feel during and after use.
  • Carbomer: A thickener that alters the viscosity in the product

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  • Volume: 30 ml
  • Discreet shipping
  • Delivery within 2 to 4 days
  • Secured payment via Visa, MasterCard or Paypal

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Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand






USD 19.95

The purest formulation

Only pharma-grade ingredients. Abiding by CE Class 2 mark standards.

Condom compatible

Fully compatible with all condoms and silicone massagers.

Paraben and fragrance free

Respectful skin care products, for the most sensitive part of your body.


Easier to wash, and unanimously recommended by gynecologists.

Natural ingredient

A skin-regenerating and anti-irritant natural plant extract.

Silky feeling

No stickiness thanks to a new ingredient to increase the slipperiness.

Love notes

  1. The serum, when pumped out, is a clear and light, watery gel-like texture and is odorless. Some lubricants tend to be on the sticky side and fragrances can make it unbearable, so we are glad to report that the Stay Silky serum is neither of the two. It is light and applies easilly to skin and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable or give any other added sensations. It's meant to be of medium texture, which is in between flowing and thick (Smile Makers has 2 other options for lubricants that are thicker or more of the flowing variety, depending on what you prefer). Favful - Malaysia
  2. Application is fuss free from the bottle. The watery quality of the gel is much better as compared to the sticky ones. Being non fragrant is certainly a plus point. Very gentle on the skin. Does not cause any reaction even with eczema. Most well liked thing about it is that it is water based. One of the best lubricants I have used. Perhaps it could come in different bottle sizes to compliment the usage with a few of the massagers at any one time.
  3. I used the Stay Silky Serum together with my wife. What I really like is that it feels natural. In the past when we have used other lubricants, it has been an unpleasant experience. This one felt completely different and there was no need to get out of bed afterwards to wash it off.
  4. I like that there is no smell, feels very pure and it is easy to clean after use. I really like this product! My partner and I always used to use ID Glide, but then my gynae told me to be careful with silicone lubricants because they don’t was out, which can lead to infections. But most water lubes I had tried were so sticky and not nearly lubricating enough. But this one really does the job and is not sticky at all. Plus the bottle is so gorgeous that it feels really sexy to use.
  5. it was good no smell not sticky afterwards
  6. Nice appearance
  7. the packaging looked expensive and discrete.

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