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First Time Anal Sex: Here's What You Should Know

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A Guide To Anal Sex for People with Vulvas

Thinking about anal sex for the first time? From how it feels to how to do it, we worked with sexpert,Charlotte Creplet, to get to the bottom of the questions around anal pleasure for vulva owners!

First things first, sex is sex - be that solo, partnered, intercourse or outercourse. Take the same approachwhen it comes to ‘anal sex’, and the pleasure possibilities might increase. Anal play is another way ofdiscovering yourself, your body and what you do or do not enjoy. Remember, just like anything in oursex life - nay, life in general - you don’t have to enjoy it, and you absolutely won’t if you force yourself todo it. Listen to your body.

This is a beginner’s guide on how to do anal , for people with vulvas!

Does Anal Sex Give You Pleasure?

Much like the vagina, most of the anal nerve-endings are not that deep inside. And, you guessed it, theouter part around the anus, called the perianal region, is also very erogenous. There’s a lot of nerveendings that can make the stimulation of both regions very pleasurable. That being said, we allexperience pleasure in different ways, it’s down to personal preference - some of us might really likeanal stimulation, and some of us really not.

Real, informative sex education is key to helping you understand your body, so here’s a look at the analanatomy through a pleasure-based lens and why some of us may really like anal sex...


The anus, or what’s visible between the butt cheeks, is the opening to the rectum. It is made up of twomuscular rings: the internal and external sphincter. The anus is rich in nerve endings, most of which arecentred just around the opening. And this is why anal stimulation can be so pleasurable.

The Pudendal Nerve

At the base of the spinal cord lies the pudendal nerve. This main nerve helps us feel pleasure duringorgasm, because it’s smaller nerves attached to the bladder, anus, and the clitoris - all of which helpsend signals to the brain about what feels good.

Pelvic Floor Muscles

Here we can also find the PC or kegel muscles. They stretch from the pubic bone to the tailbone, formingthe floor of the pelvic cavity. If you’ve ever squeezed out that last drop of pee, you were using thesemuscles. They also contract during orgasm and sexual pleasure.


The perineum, also known as the perineal sponge, is located just at the bottom of the vagina openingand the anus. It’s made up of blood vessels, nerve endings and erectile tissue. When aroused it becomesswollen with blood, compressing the vagina and vestibular bulbs, creating a tighter feeling.

Things You Should Know About Anal Sex

Now you know how and why anal stimulation can feel so good, here’s some butt stuff to consider beforegoing straight to penetrative anal…

  • The Anus Doesn’t Lubricate - The vagina naturally lubricates, but the anus does not. That’s whylube is an anal sex necessity.
  • Anal Sex Shouldn’t Painful - There might a little pain at first, but anal penetration (like anypenetration) shouldn’t hurt. Stop if it does.
  • Don’t Mix Things Up - It’s important to never switch from anal to vaginal intercourse withoutcleaning the thing that has been penetrating you. Hygiene is important, and will prevent a UTI oryeast infection.
  • Practice Safe Anal Sex - For penetrative anal sex with a penis haver, use a condom to protectyourself from infections. The same goes for when using anal toys with different partners. Don’tforget, if you’re switching from anal to vaginal penetration, always change the condom.
  • It Can Be Orgasmic - Thanks to the pudendal nerve, anally stimulating yourself or with a partnercan also feel good via the clitoris and vagina.
  • It Doesn’t Have To be Penetrative - Now you know more about the anal pleasure anatomy, youknow that outercourse can happen there too.
  • Anal Penetration Isn’t About Going Deep - Just like with vaginal penetration, deep stimulationwith a toy, penis or finger isn’t necessary to feel the most pleasure.
  • Sex Toys are Great For Anal Play - If you're looking to play with inserting sex toys anally, ensure that they have a flared base ie something that stops the toy from going all the way in and potentially getting stuck. For non-penetrative stimulation, vibrators can hit the external spots.

How To Enjoy Anal Sex For The First Time

If you are curious to try anal, here are some tips to make it an enjoyable experience and maybe unlockmore of your pleasure potential…

1. Do It For You

Although anal sex can be super pleasurable for vulva owners, it doesn’t mean you have to like it. Listento your own body and desires, even when with a partner - penetrative sex, anal or vaginal, should pleaseyou as much as it does them.

2. Relax

Simple but essential: just relax. Not only will it help you enjoy the moment, but it will also help yourbody - and your anus - be less tense. The more you are relaxed and comfortable, the better theexperience will be. Breathe, don’t overthink, just enjoy the moment and all the sensations of thisintimate time with your partner.

3. Extend Outercourse

Don’t try anal without taking the time to prepare your body. And for that, outercourse is key. It will increase your desire and awaken your body to new sensations. Kissing, caressing, licking… the more aroused you are, the more you will be ready to enjoy this new experience. Clitoral stimulation is a no-brainer for vulva owners, and don’t forget you can also try massaging the perineum and around the anal opening with a vibe to get comfortable with exploring a new erogenous area.

4. Use Lube!

Don’t be shy with the lubricant; the more you use, the more enjoyable it will be. Anal sex requires goodlubrication, so be sure to use one that is water-based (condom & sex toy friendly). A thicker, gel-likeliquid will provide good cushioning, friction-free sensation and is less likely to dry up quickly. On thatnote, be sure to reapply during penetration too - lube isn’t just a starter!

5. Go Step by Step

When it comes to anal penetration, the first step can feel uncomfortable: inserting the head of the penisor toy. Breathing deeply and relaxing can help a lot. After this first step, the pain (if any) should stop.Otherwise, pause for a moment, and take the time to increase your desire with other types ofstimulation. Come back to anal play when you are really aroused and excited. Remember, anal is not aquickie, but a slow and sensual sexual experience.

6. Try Different Anal Positions

Many people with vulvas say that the position is what makes the difference. The most common anal sexpositions? Lying flat on your stomach is a favorite to get started. After a while, some experiment withdoggy style as it puts the receiver in complete control of speed and depth. Being on top also gives youthis type of control and guidance of rhythm. If you are the receiver, a missionary position with your legsstraight up in the air and knees bent, can be pleasurable but takes some warming up to do.

Each of us has our own preferences, and you must test different things to know what you like best.Which, can also change with different partners, and types of penetration ie penis, strap-ons, toys. Justlike with vaginal penetration, external clitoral stimulation can really boost pleasure and increaselikeliness of orgasmic penetration. So, think about positions that allow for your clitoris to still be reachedby you or your partner.

7. Stay Clean & Safe

Use a condom for protection, and never go from anal penetration to vaginal penetration with the samecondom, finger or toy. Change the condom first. You can even jump in the shower together to take thesession to a new place, and keep clean at the same time.

8. Communicate Throughout

Make sure you and your partner talk, and ask how it is. Use words and sounds to communicate whethersomething feels good or uncomfortable, this is a sensual experience that you’re experiencing togetherfor the first time.

9. Don’t Be Afraid of a (Rare) Natural Phenomenon

Many vulva owners are afraid about the risk of pooping during anal sex, or whilst giving anal penetrationwith a strap on or toy. Besides the fact that it is rare, remember that your partner is aware of the smallrisk - and it’s a decision you’ve taken together. You’ve both already decided that the pleasure potentialoutweighs any awkwardness! If there is a misfortune, it’s totally natural. Just be respectful of keepingproper hygiene.

10. It’s Okay Not To Like Anal!

Still not ready to try yet? Or, tried it but didn’t like the experience? It’s no big deal. Really. Anal sex is notfor eveyone, and your partner must respect that it is just not your cup of tea. Listen to your body, andknow that your pleasure is no less important than your partners!

Learn more about our pleasure anatomy with Vulva Talks, a free sex education platform for people withvulvas.

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