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Creative Ways To Use Lube

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Creative Ways To Use Lube

Mention lube and two things spring to mind – ‘anal sex’, and ‘she’s not turned on’. And while the original use of lube was penetrative sex, if you only stick to those uses you are missing out on a whole lot of fun!

Here’s the thing – you can use a lubricant to have great sex in so many other fantastic ways!

Tongue Optional

Credits: Javier Garceche

If you are a bit unsure about how to use a lubricant, why not indulge in a little DIY for a while? While there is nothing quite like the real deal when it comes to oral sex, you can come pretty close with the right vibe and some strategically placed lube, giving the slippery sensation of a loving tongue but without the partner!

Lubricant Massage For Men

Credits: James Joyce

Men have a G-Spot too, the area right between their penis and their anus. So why not surprise your partner by giving it a little lubed-up massage with your thumb or finger – the slipperiness of the lube along with the pressure from your thumb or finger will drive him crazy! Go one step further and combine it with giving him oral sex for a truly mind-blowing experience, for both of you.

Using Lubricant While Flying Solo

We are our own most loyal lovers, so we should put as much time and care into loving us as we (quite rightly) expect a lover to do. Make love to yourself! A gel lube is a perfect partner for better solo sex because the consistency breaks down much more slowly than a liquid lube, which means there is a slower build up.

Massage in a Bottle

Credits: Valerio Loi

Forget oils, and massage bars – lube is a wonderfully sensual alternative to messy oils. If you’ve used lube before (and if you haven’t you don’t know what you’re missing) you’ll know that it has a unique texture all of its own. So imagine replicating that feeling all over your partner’s body, and then having the same done to you in return. It’s like covering every inch of your body with silk!

‘Tip’ From the Experts

Safe sex is a must, especially in a new relationship, and safe sex usually means condoms, which can reduce the sensation for the guy. However, by adding a couple of drops of lube to the inside of the condom, right into the tip, you will completely change the experience for him, and when it’s better for him, it’s better for you!

The Multitasker of Sex Aids

Credits: esskay

Lube is always a good thing to have in the house because, aside from the obvious, there are so many ways that innocent looking little bottle can come in handy.

  • Bad Hair Day? Smooth a little lube onto your hair to tame all the flyaways and keep your style in shape all day long.
  • Chafing Thighs? When your thighs are so fabulous that they can’t bear to be away from each other, rubbing a little lube on the insides can reduce any soreness and friction (and it feels ooooh so good!)
  • Dry Skin? Good quality lubes are now packed full of natural ingredients which are good for your skin, so rubbing some into your skin will keep it well hydrated and smooth, and it can even be used on your face!
  • And Finally – DIY. Well yes, we have already mentioned Doing It Yourself, but here we’re talking about DIY in the traditional sense. Lube can be used to free up squeaky hinges, creaky doors, and a strategically placed drop or two can eliminate noisy bed springs, which will be a must when you realize just how much fun you can have with it in the first place!

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