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Samantha Marshall

Samantha Marshall

Sam is Smile Makers’ in-house pleasure expert. Spending her days talking about sex with the community, experts, the world’s biggest retailers, and strangers at the pub; Sam brings more sexual joy into the world via everyday conversations.


Sam’s key focus is education. This includes not only the sex ed we wish we all had at school, but also delightful lessons on how to use vibrators and other sexual wellness tools to inspire new pleasure possibilities for people with vulvas.

Fun fact: Sam's first Smile Makers vibrator was The Millionaire (an earlier version of The Billionaire). Why? It's the toy that looks most like a vibrator. Something that Sam now laughs at and encourages the community not to make the same mistake: our vibrator choice should not come from society's expectations of pleasure but from our own personal experience and desires. That's why the how-to-choose quiz is something Sam is always shouting about.


Sam has hosted pleasure workshops with some of our biggest retailers around the world, including Sephora, Ulta, Revolve, Dynamite, Cult Beauty, and Beauty Bay.

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