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Why Tongue Vibrators Deserve Your Attention

Vibrator Guide 3 min read

Why Tongue Vibrators Deserve Your Attention

If you ever visited the erotic museum in Paris, you may have seen a sex chair where rotating “tongues” were fitted at the crotch area. Aside from this kind of sentiment, few attempts have been made to produce an oral sex simulator with any whiff of elegance or even pleasure in mind!

Strap on vibrating tongues that fall off and look heinous, or novelty giant tongue dildos are what you are likely to find online. They look like a storage headache and possibly painful.

But, as the vast majority of women cannot achieve orgasm through penetration alone, many women enjoy or would love to try receiving oral sex. Thus, tongue vibrators deserve to be paid some attention. They are great accessories for women who prefer clitoral stimulation or who want to explore their erogenous zones – alone or with a partner. They are also great if you are learning to relax during oral sex with another person and want some practice going at your own pace so you can explore what suits you best.

Here are 4 ideas for a good time with your tongue vibrator!

Erogenous Zone Exploration

Solo erogenous zone exploration is the perfect way to begin your time with a tongue vibrator. Get yourself in the mood by using it to caress all the parts of your body that you would usually like to have kissed or licked.

On a light vibration, use your to wash over our neck, your chest and nipples. Everywhere that turns you on.

Going further, you might run the vibrator up and down your arms, around you abdomen and inner thighs. There really is no limitation. The great thing about this is that your whole body will start to tingle and be heighten to the sensation.

The perfect characteristic of a tongue vibrator is you can really be adventurous with where it lingers on your body without having a partner contouring themselves to do so.

Vulva Exploration from Labia to Clitoris

With a drop of some water-based lubricant directly onto the tip of the vibrating tongue, bring it down to wipe over your vulva.

As oral sex toys are usually flexible, you can really work it in all direction between your labia. Play with different pressures and vibration modes to get a sense of how sensitive you are feeling and when you are ready bring it over the clitoris. Holding it here or motioning forward and backwards, remember that you are fully in control of the speed of the motion and can really experiment with a range of tempos.

Holding your sensual toy at a slight distance so it is barely touching you, put it on its highest setting so that the powerful motion creates a flicking effect against you.

On a medium setting, you can also hold the back of your oral sex toy over your vagina opening to create a humming sensation that is used in tantric style oral sex.

Butt-stuff- Analingus with Tongue Vibrators

Already feel confident receiving oral sex? Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda made the last few “tossing salad” or “rimming” aka analingus less taboo in pop-culture. If this has peaked your curiosity and you’re yet to try with a partner the same method of exploring with this intimate massager can be applied to the anus area.

After all, there and plenty of nerve endings there too!

With a partner…

Now you’ve explored tongue stimulation on your erogenous zones alone, you will be able to guide your partner more confidently.

Choosing to begin with the vibrator, you can both take it in turns to tease one another using stroking motions and tracing patterns in order to find what feels really good.

Depending on how you and your partner feel about oral sex, you may choose to stick to oral sex simulator while together or use it as a way to demonstrate what you’d like from them.

Sounds enticing? Get started with soft and flexible tongue vibrator: The French Lover

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