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06 Sep 2023 (Last updated 25 Sep 2023)

Beyond licking: Creative ways to use tongue vibrators.

Vibrator Guide 3 min read
ways to use a tongue vibrator

Elevate intimacy: Exploring innovative uses for tongue vibrators.

Tongue vibrators are a thrilling addition to the world of sex toys, offering unique sensations that extend far beyond traditional licking. These versatile devices open the door to a realm of creativity and pleasure, making them a valuable asset in your intimate moments.

What is a tongue vibrator?

As one of the most playful vibrators out there, tongue toys like The French Lover are shaped - you guessed it - like a tongue. They are supple and flexible and designed to be used on anybody and everybody, making them a great gender-neutral option, too.

In this guide, we'll dive into the exciting possibilities of using a tongue sex toy in creative ways, enhancing pleasure, connection, and the exploration of new sensations.

Teasing and tantalizing.

Tongue vibrators are the perfect tour guide for the body’s erogenous zones, whether exploring alone during masturbation or with a partner, to heighten arousal and desire.

  • Build anticipation: Tease yourself or your partner by lightly grazing the vibrator across the neck, arms, and thighs…. All before focusing on the more intimate and obvious spots.
  • Nipple play: Use a tongue vibrator in circular motions on the breasts or gently flicking the tip of the areola.
  • Tickle play: Tongue vibrators make great ticklers, with tiny, just-touching flicks on the skin. Especially effective when using a blindfold.

the french lover smile makers

Recreating and enhancing oral pleasure.

This type of oral sex toy makes it very easy to replicate tongue pleasure, especially when you add lots of lashings of lube.

  • Recreate oral: Tongue vibrators are perfect when you fancy head, but a partner’s real tongue isn’t around to lick.
  • Get comfortable receiving cunnilingus: Stroke your own vulva back and forth to see what oral sensations you enjoy and build confidence during oral sex.
  • Add intensity with vibrations: Combine the oral pleasure you enjoy with the added stimulation of the tongue vibrator.
  • Explore different techniques: Incorporate the vibrator to create a unique blend of sensations that both partners can enjoy, a la 69 position.
  • Try rimming: Dip your tongue into anal sex for the first time with a little licking action on the anus. It’s literally tongue in cheek!

Couples play and shared intimacy.

Using tongue sex toys on a partner, or vice versa, is a very playful way to connect and learn more about each other’s bodies.

  • Mutual exploration: Take turns using the tongue vibrator on each other for shared experimentation and heightened intimacy.
  • Innovative outercourse: Use the vibrator to increase excitement and anticipation before intercourse.
  • Make sex more orgasmic: During penetration, a flicker of the clitoris can bring you closer to climax.
  • Stimulate a penis: Try holding a tongue sex toy against your partner’s testicles during doggy-style positions to switch up cupping balls.
  • Communication is key: Discuss preferences and boundaries with your partner for a satisfying and respectful experience.

Solo pleasure and self-discovery.

Why should all the tongue pleasure be saved for partner sex? As mentioned, The French Lover and other tongue toys make great additions to masturbation too.

  • Personal exploration: Use the tongue vibrator to discover new erogenous zones and pleasure preferences on your own.
  • Double-up stimulation: Combine tongue stimulation on the nipples or neck with a vaginal or clitoral vibrator to increase sensations. It’s a real full body sex toy experience!
  • Experimentation: Find the perfect settings and techniques that bring you the most pleasure.

Hygiene and maintenance.

Like with any other vibrator, it’s important to watch your tongue (geddit) and take care of this playful toy.

  • Cleanliness matters: Ensure the vibrator is properly cleaned before and after each use for a hygienic experience
  • Pick the right lube: When using a silicone tongue toy opt for a water-based lubricant that will not breakdown the material, keeping it body safe!
  • Store safely: Keep your vibrator in a clean and dry place to prolong its lifespan and maintain quality
  • Charge up: Make sure your rechargeable tongue vibrator has sufficient power for your next session.

Other types of oral sex toys.

If you’ve now got a taste for oral simulation, and you’re hungry for more, we highly recommend trying suction toys. Leave the licking to the best tongue vibrator out there, and add some sucking motion too. These types of clitoral vibrators focusing on pulsating air on and around your most senstitive pleasure organ, the clitoris. For extra oral delights, find a clit sucker with different mouths - so you can really personalize your pleasure experience every time.

Enjoy getting your tongue around this new type of pleasure - okay, we will stop now. 👅

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