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09 Jun 2023 (Last updated 09 Jun 2023)

Types of oral sex and how to have it

Pleasure tips 4 min read
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What is oral sex?

Oral sex is a partnered activity that involves giving or receiving stimulation of the genitals via the mouth. Think licking, kissing and sucking the most sensitive and pleasurable spots.

Is oral sex sex?

Virginity is just a social construct, a myth, and it’s defined however the heck we want to define it. So yes, giving or receiving oral sex can be your first time and be the only sex act you do forever more - it still counts as having sex! We’re in the business of transforming sex education to be less comphet and penetrative focused and more vulva-centric and pleasure positive. Can we get a heck yeah!?

Fun fact: studies have shown that oral sex is linked to enhanced happiness and better sexual wellbeing of elderly adults, proving that it's not all about internal stimulation.

Four types of oral sex.

1. Cunnilingus.

Oral sex on people with vulvas involves stimulating the vulva with the tongue and lips.

Cunni = vulva Lingo = to lick

Other terms include going down, eating out, cunning linguistics, lip-synching…

This kind of lip-locking is all about licking, sucking, and kissing on and between the labia, letting the clitoris take center stage.

2. Anilingus.

Oral sex on anybody that involves the stimulation of the perineum or anus. Other terms include rimming, analingus, arse-licking (the pleasurable kind)...
What’s visible between the butt cheeks can be pleasurable to play with as it’s rich in nerve endings. This stimulation is great for warming up the anal anatomy for penetration, especially if it’s your first time having anal sex.

3. Fellatio.

Oral sex on people with penises involves stimulating the penis with the mouth. 

Fellare = to suck

Now we’re obsessed with the idea that fellatio could be sucking anything… a toe, a finger, a vibe? We digress. Other terms include head, sucking off, blow jobs…However less about blowing and more about sucking and licking to pleasure the 4000 penile nerve endings.

4. What is the 69 position?

Simultaneous mutual oral sex between two (or more) people, so each is giving and receiving stimulation with the mouth. Think of all the combos; cunnilingus and anilingus, fellatio and cunnilingus, cunnilingus and cunnilingus… it’s one big oral delight!

How to have safe oral sex?

Remember, it is possible to spread STIs via cunnilingus, anilingus, and fellatio. So, protection is always a good idea! Consider using oral sex barrier methods like condoms and dental dams. If it’s easier to get your hands on condoms, don’t worry, you can make one into a dental dam (it’s just a sheet of latex) easily. 

Vulvalicious - how to taste good for oral sex?

This is a trick question because it probably already tastes fine! We have been socialized to be ashamed of our bodies to the point that we don't even use the right words - the vulva and vagina are different things.

The way our vulva tastes is down to the pH, which we don't want to mess with as it takes care of the vulva - our vagina's pH also helps keep it clean. There has been no scientific research to prove that eating certain foods like pineapple actually changes the taste.

The key to feeling confident during oral sex is good hygiene, and by that, we mean just some gentle soap and water to wash the vulva and anus - no douching necessary. To clean the vulva well, be sure to go between the labia. It's that simple.

For an extra confidence boost for last-minute oral fun, sweaty moments, or period sex, individually wrapped intimate wipes are real handy! Kinda sexy if our partner wants to wipe for us as part of the arousal, and just as practical for fluid clean up afterward, too.

Our fave tools and toys for oral sex.

Oral stimulation beyond the genitals.

As we know, sex isn't all about the genitals. We have so many erogenous zones all over our body, so here's a little more mouth inspiration!

 Toe sucking.

Also known as shrimping, sucking toes or having our toes sucked can be satsifying for some of us - and is a great way to explore a foot fetish.

Nipple stimulation.

Lots of love nipple play, and the mouth is a great way to stimulate. Licking in circular motions, sucking the tip, or a gentle nipple bite might turn us on and even provoke a nipplegasm.

Ear biting.

Ears are on of the known 'hotspots' for pleasure, and a little nibble can go a long way. In fact, the human ear has 2.5x more nerve endings that the clitoris (!?). You can also suck, kiss, or blow for this aural delight.


Sex that incorporates food! Not a technical oral stimulation, but sometimes a delicious delight. Sploshing is a sexual kink or fetish that involves being covered in food or beverages. From jelly to beans, these foods can bring a lot of sexual pleasure. If you want to eat off of your partner, or vice versa, strawberries, cherries and whipped cream are just some of the most popular foods to have sex with.

Quite the delicious menu for oral sex, right? Remember, there's no courses in this restaurant - oral sex can be an appetizer, entree or dessert! 😛

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