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30 Apr 2020 (Last updated 05 Feb 2024)

Why try breast massage?

Pleasure Tips 2 min read
Smile Makers Author
how to give yourself a breast massage

Tips and wisdom from a female embodiment coach.

We often talk about the benefits of pleasure and orgasm through masturbation. Recently we learnt of another type of self-touch that has very similar benefits and could be a great way to connect with our bodies. Female embodiment coach, Hilary Kimball talks us through getting to grips with our breasts (p.s it could also increase sexual pleasure!)

Physical health.

Hilary shared that massage is super healthy for the breast and breast tissues as it promotes detoxification. The breasts are very sensitive parts of the female body and can store a lot of toxins from the environment and inside of the body. Massaging them can help to flush out unwelcome build up in the tissue as well as the lymph fluids in the under arms.

Do it for love!

We’re often told that we should love ourselves but it is rarely shared how this self-love comes about. Just like in breast feeding, breast massage releases oxytocin and dopamine which are hormones that make us feel more pleasurable, trusting and bonded. Hilary suggest that breast massage is an act of personal care which can

“cultivate a deeply embodied and authentic sense of self love.”

Want more sexual pleasure?

According to Taoism and Tantra, the breasts are known as the “Gateway to awakenings a women’s pleasure”. Perhaps this is because they are close to one’s heart; because many people find them a source of attraction or the life-sustaining role they have in motherhood.

We also know that the breast are often highly erogenous zones and when stimulated in outercourse it can help to build arousal making us much more conducive to orgasm during penetrative sex. This might be why, according to Hilary, breast massage is known to increase sensation and pleasure not just of the breast but also of the vulva.

Breast massage can also help us to cultivate a feeling of body autonomy. Connecting us with a sense of personal power in a “safe, gentle and accessible way.”

Try it with a tongue vibrator.

A super soft and flexible tongue vibrator is the perfect toy to give yourself a delicate massage on the nipples and the breast.

Give yourself a boost.

Hilary suggests that breast massage can be done throughout the day to inspire a spark and sense of inner vitality. It is a great way to go inward – especially if you experience negative thoughts toward your body; this can be a nourishing and loving practise.

Much like masturbation, your hands are busy so it’s hard to be distracted! Use this time to be mindful of the sensations and feelings you experience. “Give yourself loving presence to your heart and breast,” says Hilary.

Tips on how to give yourself a breast massage.

Good news! There is no right or wrong way so you can stay playful with your touch.

  • Stroking and massage with different pressures and at different speeds.
  • Hilary says, “find your pleasure – not necessarily to full turn on but sensual pleasure- enjoy the sensations”
  • Breast massage can be done clothed or topless with massage oil. The choice is yours!

Massage along with Hilary in her guided video to start your practise today.

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