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20 Mar 2020 (Last updated 05 Feb 2024)

How to have slow sex with yourself

Solo Sex 3 min read
Smile Makers Author
vibrator that fits in the palm of hand

Want a quickie? Grab your bullet vibe. Curious if your g-spot zone is a pleasure hot spot? Reach for an internal vibrator that is designed for strong, targeted stimulation.

But if you want to build arousal and dive deep into an embodied sensual experience then a vulva vibrator is an addition you may want to add into your pleasure-product rotation.

Enter slow sex, where you take your time with your partner and get the opportunity to experience every single bit of pleasure. “Sure, you can feel things during fast sex, but during slower sex, there is more time for your brain to process the experience of each sensation,” says Kate Balestrieri, Psy.D., founder of Modern Intimacy. “So, it’s as if you feel more. Sex is a multi-sensory experience, and when you slow it down, you can savor more of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches” (MensHealth).

Slow sex isn't just for partners, it's for masturbation too.

We asked our community of vibrator enthusiasts how they used The Ballerina, and all agreed that this type of vibe is a great way to connect with your senses, build arousal and discover something brand new.

Dubbed an ode to sensuality, The Ballerina is a vulva vibrator by Smile Makers that combines grace with strength.

Going even further with that analogy it also speak to how women often need and want to experience pleasure; mindful, sensual, dynamic, varied and fully connected to their body.

Crafted with a human touch texture that literally communicate to your skins ‘light-touch” receptors, mimicking that unique skin-to-skin sensation. It is just like pleasuring yourself manually how you already like. Only much, much stronger.

A vibrator that feels like a vulval massage.

This means turning down the lights and turning up what ever gets you in the mood. Some incense, an erotic audio story? Tantalise you senses before any touching even begins. Creating an ambience of indulgence and mindfully dropping into your body signals to the brain that you are safe and entering a letting go of any unnecessary task-style thinking. Muscles will relax and your exhales will lengthen bringing ease to your quietening mind.

Get lost in your own touch.

Once you allow yourself to relax, that lingering stroke on your thigh becomes a whole dance in itself as each moment counts when you allow yourself to open fully to each caress, vibration and movement. This isn’t about reaching a singular moment that peaks and disappears. If something feels good, stay there. In fact, you don’t even need to physically hold the vibrator as it cups perfectly over you. Using your thighs to squeeze and relax periodically.

During outercourse use it on one another's body for a tantalising, teasing massage. With you partner holding the vulva vibrator, begin by gliding their hands over your erogenous zones such as the nipples, waist or wherever you like or maybe demonstrate on them how you’d like them to use it; possibly awakening some pleasurable zones they never knew where there in the meantime.

As things heat us, go hands-free by squeezing the vulva vibrator between your thighs while you make out with your partner or while pleasuring them to keep building your own arousal at the same time.

Get on top.

Most women and people with vulvas need additional stimulation, specifically to the clitoral glans in order to reach orgasm. So, take your pleasure into your hands and ensure you are continuing to build arousal as and when needed. If you’re having intercourse with a partner and decide to try a female-on-top position, you can use the vulva vibrator still by handling it yourself.

the ballerina vulva vibrator with ribbon

the ballerina vulva vibrator on a tutu


Reasons to love The Ballerina

•A natural and easy to hold design that fits organically in your (or their) palm.

•Speed and pulsation mode buttons positioned without the need to readjust your grip.

•Human Touch Texture is satiny soft making it feel like the hand of a lover.

•No additional pressure needed thanks to its powerful motor.

If you have a little more time on your hands these days, the vulva vibrator is a perfect choice. It's the antithesis to a one-minute orgasm and encourages you to go beyond the “normal” way when you have sex and indulge in a longer pleasure session. Get ready to welcome in sensations you’ve never had before.

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