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10 Jan 2019 (Last updated 23 Oct 2023)

A guide to clitoral vibrators

Vibrator Guide 4 min read
the firefighter clit vibrator by smile makers

We take the clitoris and its mighty pleasure potential seriously. And for that reason, we take clit vibrators very seriously too. To help you navigate the types of clitoral stimulation available and what sex toy you might like, we have wrapped up a guide to clitoral vibrators.

Types of clitoral vibrators

The clitoris is a pretty incredible organ. For centuries, it has lured doctors and scientists, into thinking it was nothing more than a little bulb a few inches above the vagina entry. But when the scientific community finally decided to take some interest in it, they were shocked to realise there is much more to it, and most of the organ is actually hidden.Which explains why a clitoral orgasm can feel actually very internal. And there’s more!

Originating from the same embryo tissues as the penis, it has many more nerves endings, but only one function: pleasure. It is also absolutely key to vulva pleasure, as 2 vulva owners out of 3 need clitoral stimulation to climax. Lastly, it can go for several rounds of orgasms.

No wonder it has gotten so much attention from pleasure toy brands! So let’s review our options.

Bullet vibrators

Bullet vibrators are basically finger shaped vibrators. They are often quite portable, to the point where some are camouflaged as lipsticks. They provide a focused stimulation on the clitoris bulb.

For vulva owners who enjoy direct contact, they are a great accessory and more often than not, a very efficient one at delivering strong orgasms.

Plus, they can be used on other areas when you want to get or give a laser focused stimulation: labia, a man’s scrotum…

Bullet vibrators are probably the most famous type of clit vibrators, but that does not necessarily make them the go-to option for beginners. Again, it all depends on clitoral sensitivity. If you cannot stand a direct touch on your clitoris, you will probably not enjoy using a bullet vibrator. Luckily for you, there are more options! Plus, we like to break down how to use one.

Vulva vibrators

The vulva, the external part of genitals, holds wonders of pleasure. It is made of different parts that have various types and levels of sensitivity. You can play them like an instrument and discover completely new sensations.

For example, you can bring yourself to orgasm by stimulating simultaneously the clit and the labia, then maintain your arousal by continuing labia stimulation, and go for a second round of clitoral orgasm once you feel ready.

Vulva vibrators have larger shapes than bullet vibrators. They often embrace the shape of a hand palm, and they provide a broader stimulation of the clitoris and the labia, and can go all the way to the opening of the vagina.

They are a product of choice for women who enjoy for example full palm stimulation, or stimulation from a cushion, because it is more diffused.

For those who enjoy direct contact on the clitoris, vulva vibrators are also great to experiment how labia stimulation can enhance clitoral orgasms, and make them even stronger…

Oral sex vibrators

Oral sex is a very special and delicious treat to receive. Today, some vibrators are recreating the sensorial experience (obviously, there’s no way to compare with the experience of intimacy that comes with oral sex!), using 2 types of technologies.

  • Clit suction toys. Some vibrators embed a technology similar to a mini vacuum cleaner. It does not sound very sexy put like that, but for women who enjoy this oral sex technique, those toys are definitely an interesting option to look at.

  • Vibrating and pulsating tongue. For tongue aficionados, who enjoy soft and humid caresses or prolonged touch on the clitoris, the labia or the whole vulva, tongue-shaped oral sex simulators are a must-have. Plus, since nobody ever said that tongue delights were for vulvas only, you can play with them on your whole body and on your partner. For the most realistic feeling, add some drops of lube to it. NB: If your vibrator is made of silicone, do not use silicone-based lubricant with it.

G-spot vibrators

As we have mentioned at the beginning of this post, the clitoris has an internal part that hides from our sight. When it gets aroused, its internal structure swells and touches the front wall of the vagina. This creates a very sensitive zone, the stimulation of which can lead to a powerful climax. This zone if often named the G-spot. Its existence is debated, but the existence of an internal contact between the clitoris and the vagina is not.

This zone is what gets stimulated with G-spot vibrators. They generally have a slightly curved shape with a rounded head. This is meant to touch this special zone, so it needs to be facing the front wall of the vagina when inserted. The best way to make good use of a G-spot vibrator is to start by stimulating the external part of the clitoris. You can do this using the G-spot vibrator rounded head, and wander in when you feel sufficiently aroused, possibly after orgasming. This way, you end up playing with the whole structure of the clitoris!

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