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How to use a bullet vibrator?

Small clit vibrators are the perfect upgrade from finger masturbation, providing direct stimulation on the external part of the clitoris. Here are some tips on how to use a bullet or mini vibrator.

Apply directly to the clit

What better way to stimulate the clitoris than directly on the source of 10,000 nerve endings. The Surfer rides the wave otherwise known as the clitoral glans, the button-like part you can see on the vulva.

Add layers

If direct clitoral contact feels too intense, add a layer of fabric (think pants, blanket, silk) in-between the clitoris and The Surfer.

Use during penetration

Most vulva owners need clitoral sitmulation to reach climax, so a bullet vibrator is a great way to ensure you both orgasm whilst having penetrative sex.

Try orbiting

Explore the space on and around the clitoris in circular motions with The Surfer's head. Go anti-clockwise, and then clockwise, paying attention to how the change in direction feels.

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