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21 Sep 2022 (Last updated 26 Jun 2023)

A menstruator's guide to lube

Pleasure Tips 3 min read
Smile Makers Author
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Lube is life! We often say this at Smile Makers, as we fully believe lubricant makes sex better. In the past, lube had a little stigma for being a solution to a problem - not being naturally wet enough. But, we have worked with many sexologists who tell us that natural lubrication does not indicate how sexually aroused we are. It is a simple physiological reaction that is impacted a lot by hormones, something menstruators past and present know a lot about. Here are six reasons to use lube during the whole reproductive cycle - menstruation, menopause, or post-menopause - to make life more pleasurable.

6 reasons to use lubricant during periods and beyond.

1. Lube with menstrual discs.

hello cup menstrual disc

More and more people choose sustainable period products as part of their menstruation routine. Just like tampons, period cups and discs are inserted into the vagina to capture period blood - and for many of us, internal sensations can feel uncomfortable. Applying a water-based lube to the outside of the cup or disc can make insertion easier. Practice runs before the time of the month are a great idea, too!

2. Lube for period sex.

For those that menstruate, the menstruation phase of the cycle is when hormone levels are at their lowest. This means that natural lubrication is also at its lowest. Though it may feel like there’s enough flowing of liquid, period flow is not lubrication. Whether solo or partnered, lube will elevate pleasure sensations during period sex. Add a few drops for both external and internal play.

3. Lube as vulva care.

Fluctuating hormones mean different levels of lubrication or dryness, which can be uncomfortable throughout everyday life - especially when wearing pads or liners for bladder leaks or periods. Vulvas skin is super sensitive, and friction can cause irritation. Use a few drops of lube to alleviate irritation on the vulva; vulva care is skin care too.

Generous Gel contains a natural plant extract that soothes irritated skin and helps it to regenerate. We recommend using it any time your vulva is feeling irritated; it doesn’t have to be only during or after sex!

hello cup and smile makers

4. Lube with sex toys.

Thanks to hormones, our libido and response to sexual stimulation change throughout the reproductive life cycle - which means what we find pleasurable changes too! Vibrators exist for all types of stimulation and play, and using a water-based lube will enhance each experience you have with whatever toy you choose on a given day.

5. Lube to reconnect.

Many things can cause a decline in hormone production, including menopause and specific medication or treatment, which can mean slower natural lubrication. Completely normal! It's an opportunity to get hands-on with oneself and reconnect with that part of you. Use a big drop of lube on your fingers to masturbate slowly and mindfully, and explore sensations and gliding motions to stimulate the clitoris.

6. Lube for pleasurable protection.

generous gel by smile makers

Condoms are the only barrier method that acts as a contraceptive AND protects against STIs. So, in theory, it’s the only one that a menstruator can use throughout their entire life (that's post-menopause too). Using a water-based lube with female or male condoms can enhance the experience for you and your partner by reducing friction. For dental dams, lube is a great way to hold them in place over the vulva and prevent breakages.

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