Vulva Talks is a pleasure-positive sex education
program focused on female sexuality.


What will you find?

Free online courses on everything related to female sexual pleasure – from the clitoris to consent. Enroll here!
Science-backed articles written by sex educators. Read more.
Activities developed with sexologists and educators to facilitate self-reflection, group discussion, and skill-building related to the sexual health field. Learn more.




We hope to equip health professionals, peer educators, and anyone interested with the knowledge to better understand female sexual anatomy and pleasure!



Why did we develop Vulva Talks?


Knowledge = more pleasure
Almost 30% of college-aged women were not able to identify the clitoris on an anatomy test in another study. If we do not intimately know our own bodies, how can we expect to get the pleasure we deserve?


Sex ed should cover pleasure
(but doesn’t)

Research suggests that pleasure-based sex ed can not only help reduce rates of pregnancy and STI transmission but also create a safer, healthier and more inclusive society. Yet, most schools teach abstinence-only and fear-based sex ed. We’re here to change that.


Making sex talk normal
We hope to help our participants growing comfortable to talk about sex and pleasure. Indeed, sexual communication is positively correlated to sexual satisfaction and overall relationship satisfaction.

Whom is Vulva Talks for?

Health professionals, peer educators or anyone interested in the topic of female pleasure!


How can I get involved?

Keen to update your sex education? Enroll in the program here.
Interested to join or hold your own sex-ed workshop IRL? Drop us a note!


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