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Clit vibrators.

Clitoral stimulators, clit suckers and clit toys – all fall under the oh-so-beautiful, O-inducing umbrella that is cl...


A clitoral vibrator is designed to stimulate the clitoris, especially the outer part that we can see. The clit is much bigger than we think, with three-quarters of its entire structure inside the body. The external quarter includes the clitoral glans and hood. When the glans is stimulated, all 10,000 clitoral nerve fibers are too – hence why it's one surefire way for many women and people with vulvas to reach orgasm. A clitoral vibrator can come in many forms; a mini bullet vibrator that provides direct and focused stimulation, a lipstick vibrator that cups the clitoral glans and massages it from all angles, a palm-shaped vulval vibrator that gives a more broad and all-encompassing sensation, or even a clit suction toy that uses air-pulsation technology to suck the clitoral glans.

There are SO many ways to use a clit vibrator, depending on what type of clitoral stimulation you are looking for. It's always best to start by getting relaxed and aroused – use lube if you want extra glide! You can directly place the vibrator on the clitoris and hold it still, using the different speed modes to build excitement, or you can move the vibrator in circular motions to try different techniques and positions. You can also use it on the surrounding areas of the vulva, to stimulate the labia or tease the vaginal entrance. What's more, using a clitoral vibrator alongside penetration is pretty orgasmic, as a lot of people with vulvas need clitoral stimulation to climax. Vibes for the clitoris are a great way to introduce toys to partnered sex, too.

Vibrators help us find pleasure. It's a myth that using a vibrator can desensitize your clitoris. There should be no numbness experienced when using a vibrator, no matter how strong, you can use them all you want. Sure, if it feels too intense or starts to cause discomfort, stop. But this usually goes away after a short period of time.

The only scientifically proven long-term effects of vibrators is decreased pain, extra lubrication, greater gynecological awareness and more orgasms. People with vulvas often have less orgasms during partnered sex (hello pleasure gap). Using a vibrator solo is not going to ruin clitoral sensitivity or, in turn, partner sex. It just highlights how much clitoral stimulation is missing in partnered situations a lot of the time.