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Internal vibrators.

Rabbit vibrators, G spot stimulators, and internal vibes that are all about the thrusting. These ergonomically-shaped...


A G spot vibrator is designed to stimulate the vaginal erogenous zone on the front wall of the vagina. Often curved or angled to hit the right spot, a G spot vibrator's head massages the area to provide sustained pressure that is very satisfying for many women and vulva owners. Many G spot vibes feature different speeds and pulsations to play with to find what's best for you. If you like being fingered and the come-hither-to sensation, a G spot vibrator simulates this. Though specifically created for internal stimulation, just like fingers, this vibrator can also be used externally on the clitoris or around the vaginal entrance.

Like with any penetrative stimulation, be sure to build arousal before inserting a G spot vibrator. Things are much more satisfying when your body is actually prepared, and a few drops of extra lube will help, too. On its lowest setting, glide the G spot vibe externally across the clitoris and towards the vaginal entrance. When you feel ready, insert the vibrator about a finger's length in, with the angled head facing the front wall of your vagina (facing your belly button). Now, rather than thrusting, try a sustained massage against the G spot with the head of vibrator, playing with the pulsation settings to see what feels good.

Less like ‘x’ marks the G spot, and more like you have to see what feels good for you. The famous G spot is not an anatomical body part, but an internal erogenous zone on the front wall of the vagina. To find the G spot using a vibrator, patience is a virtue. Firstly, make sure you're (more than) comfortably aroused and ready for some shallow penetration. Remember to listen to your body and not to force it, and if you're experiencing friction – add extra lube. Insert the vibe into your vagina, about a finger's length deep, with the curved head facing towards the belly button. Turn the vibrator on to its lowest setting and use the handle of the vibe to find an angle that feels good. G spot stimulation is all about sustained pressure, and massaging that feel-good zone. Play with different modes and speeds, whilst remembering to take deep, slow breaths.