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Vibrators for beginners.

The best vibrators for beginners are those that open the doors to a world of self discovery – but won’t leave you cou...


Pleasure is super personal, and we all like different things. The important thing to remember when looking for your first vibrator is the type of stimulation you enjoy. Whether you have never masturbated before or are looking to level up from fingers, Smile Makers has some of the best vibrators for beginners. Colorful, fun, and easy-to-use. Unsure about the type of stimulation you want? Don't worry, we've got you. You can take the vibrator quiz to help you find your first match.

Just like with any sexual partner, it's worth getting to know your first vibrator before using it. Read the instructions, feel it in your hands, check out the different modes. Then, get comfy and relax. Top tip: breathe! We often forget to breathe when we're nervous, and a few deep breaths will help sooth your brain (and also help with blood circulation to your vulva and vagina). Build arousal by touching yourself wherever feels good on your body, and use the vibe against your skin on your thigh or belly to familiarize yourself with the touch. When you're ready, move the vibe to where it's intended to stimulate. You can hold it on its lowest setting, or cycle through the modes. The key is to take your time, and take it slow. Listen to your body, and stay in the moment.

So much to unpack! Firstly, yes you can use a vibrator if you've never had sex. Masturbation doesn't count as losing your virginity. But secondly, what does? Virginity is kind of made up. The conventional idea of virginity is very heteronormative, and includes penis-in-vagina penetration. But, a lot of us don't want or plan to have that in our sex lives. Pleasure is not binary. Your first time having sex with another person is defined by whatever you want it to be, and that's not just penetrative. And lastly, not all vibrators are penetrative. If you don't like the idea of internal stimulation, there's plenty of external vibes to try!