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How to use a beginner vibrator?

First-timers might be wondering if a vibrating dildo is the best vibrator to start with, when in fact, not every internal toy resembles a penis - and not everybody likes penetration. Most women and people with vulvas prefer clitoral stimulation instead. Enter The Billionaire, a versatile vibrator to help you discover the stimulation you enjoy the most. Here are some tips and techniques for beginners!

Slide and glide to massage

Take time to savour the vibration sensations on the vulva, using the body of the vibrator to glide between the labia and over the clit. Add lube for extra slip.

Try shallowing

This masturbation technique is about a hint of penetration inside the vaginal entrance. Use just the vibe's head to create circular motions no more than an inch in to build arousal.

Play with depth

Remember that penetration isn't about going really deep. Hold the toy a few inches inside your vagina and ever-so-slowly insert furthre, using the different vibration modes to find what feels good for you.

Enhance partner sex

This beginner vibrator is perfect for showing your partner where you like to be stimulated. Guide them to places on your vulva, or give them an idea of how slow thrusts feel good.

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