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How to use a clit vibrator?

Everyone talks about the clitoral stimulation, but did you know stimulating the labia around the clitoris can enhance your pleasure too? Find new ways to pleasure the clit with The Firefighter.

Go beyond clitoral touch

Most clitoral vibrators offer a very focused stimulation on the clitoris or full pressure on the whole vulva. The Firefighter combines both to ignite a unique experience! Apply the center nose on your clitoral glans and the flame over the labia.

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Try edging to orgasm

When you're about to climax, lift The Firefighter's rounded nose from the clitoris and reduce the speed. Keep the flame touching the labia, and slowly press down again to resume. Doing this over and over again can make orgasms more intense.

Flicker the flame

Use the very tip of the flame to tease the vaginal entrance, gently holding The Firefighter and changing vibration modes. When it gets too tantalizing, bring the flame down on your vulva.

Double the sensations

Whether with a partner, your fingers or another toy, use a clit vibrator as an accompany to penetration. Its slender shape and handle make it easy to fit into lots of positions.

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