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How to use a suction vibrator?

Clit sucker, suction toy, sucking vibrator... whatever you call it, this innovative air pulsation technology has changed the clit stimulation game. Especially, for those who want to try something beyond vibration or love oral sex. Here's how to get the most out of The Poet flower-shaped clitoral toy.

Take a look

Apply The Poet on the vulva, its mouth surrounding the clitoral glans - the external part of the clitoris - and between the labia around to lock in the suction sensation.

Squeeze for more speed

The Poet suction toy has squeeze sensors on either side. Press down on one or both to increase the suction intensity instantly. The harder you squeeze, the faster the suction. You can even lock in your fave intensity when you really want to let go.

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Change the mouth size

This suction toy comes with three different sized mouths, because every clitoris is different, and so is every pleasure session. Find your favorite, or switch them up throughout.

For partner sex that sucks

The shape of this suction toy makes it comfortable to hold and use on someone else - or for someone else to use on you. It can also be used during penetrative sex, especially if the penetrative partner stands behind.

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Recreate cunnilingus

To recreate oral sex, put some drops of water-based lubricant on the clitoris before placing clit sucker above and around it. The rhythmic air pulses and wetness of the lube will feel irresistibly mouth-like.

Listen to your clitoris

The clitoral glans is the most sensitive part of the clitoris, and our sensitivity can vary from one day to the next (hello, hormones). Too intense stimulation on the clitoris can feel uncomfortable, change mouths or modes to find what feels right for you.

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