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How to use a vaginal vibrator?

Did you know that the vagina has many pleasure spots? The first third contains 90% of the vaginal nerve endings; the G-zone is on the front wall closest to the belly button, and the deep end of the vagina near the cervix - all can be very sensitive. Here's how to stimulate each spot and use a vibrator for vaginal orgasm.

Tease yourself externally

Penetration is most pleasurable with lots of build up and arousal. Use The Romantic's rounded head to explore your vulva first, gliding back and forth between the labia, across the clitoris towards the vaginal opening.

Lube up to love up

Using a vaginal vibrator solo allows for you to experiment with penetration on your terms. If it's uncomfortable, add lube to your vibrator to decrease friction and increase pleasure.

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Stimulate the G spot

Insert The Romantic with the rounded head facing towards the front wall of the vagina. Wander deeper to find the G-spot which is located about 2 inches in, and hold in place to massage the area with vibration.

Go deep and stay there

Its long and organic shape allows you to explore further towards the cervix While its ridged sides rub against the lower third of the vagina, the wide head fills you up. Instead of thrusting, keep it deep and play with modes.

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Breathe slow to orgasm

To fully embrace the penetrative experience, pay attention to your breath and don't hold it. When aroused, our blood flow needs more oxygen as it increases and helps us towards orgasm.

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