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How to use a G spot vibrator?

Did you know that what we call G spot is really just an erogenous zone up the front wall of the vagina that comes in contact with the internal structure of the clitoral via a cluster of tissue called the urethral sponge? Phew. A less punchy name but anatomically more accurate. Here are some tips to stimulate the G spot using a vibrator.

Play with the clitoris

Before you get to G spot stimulation, try building arousal externally first. Apply The Tennis Pro's rounded head to the clitoris, and slide it up and down between the labia. This can help with natural lubrication, too.

Get to know your vagina

Insert your fingers to create a come-hither-to motion. You may feel a slightly rough texture; this is the zone you want to stimulate. Now you know where to aim, insert the G spot vibrator.

Be your own coach

G spot stimulation is different for us all and can change regularly. Explore the vagina every time; experiment with angles, speeds, and pulsations to see what's most satisfying this round.

Find the angle

The shape of a G spot vibrator is designed specifically for sustained pressure against the feel-good area. Instead of thrusting, try massaging with the gentle flex of the curved head and changing vibration speeds.

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