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How to use a lipstick vibrator?

Embrace the clitoris. The most pleasurable organ in the human body gets erect when aroused, and the external part we can see gets and looks harder. The Whisperer lipstick vibrator is designed to stimulate this feel-good area. Discover all the ways to use this type of vibrator against the sensational clitoris.

Embrace the clitoral glans

A lipstick vibe is designed for targeted stimulation. Apply the curved dip of The Whisperer’s head on the clitoral glans to create a gentle embrace. Use flexibility of the vibrator to play with pressure.


Drip the tip in lube

Lubricant is not just for penetration! Extra glide makes vibrations feel exta sensational, and help you smoothly skim every part of the clitoral glans. Trust us, add the lube.

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Too sensitive? Add layers

The sensitivity of the clitoris can feel different each time, especially after a break in pleasure. If direct contact of the vibrator feels too intense, try a layer of fabric (eg. your underwear or a blanket) between it and your clit.


Tickle other pleasure spots

The fluttering tip of The Whisperer is perfect for exploring other senstive spots, too. Try teasing the labia or perineum with the soft flicker of silicone, or holding against your nipples.

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Try different clit angles

Roll the head of the lipstick vibrator from side to side on top of the clitoral glans and hood to see if the change in angle feels even better.


Prioritize your pleasure

The best thing about a small clit vibrator is that it's super discreet. Slip it under your pillow, pop in your carry-on, or keep in your bathroom cabinet next to your toothpaste - that way it's always handy whenever you find yourself with an extra ten minutes.

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