First time
A premium set to first-time vibrator users

First time
A premium set to first-time vibrator users


First time

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First time buying a vibrator? We have designed the perfect set to discover the pleasure of the vibe! Our Millionaire is a versatile vibrator, perfectly shaped to provide both external and internal stimulation. And to make this experience the most sensual one, we pair it with our Stay Silky Serum, a soft lubricant.

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    Millionaire: 12.8 cm x 3 cm & Stay Silky Serum: 30ml
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Soft as a feather, super smooth silicone vibrators

A smooth operator

Cryogenically polished silicone

Smile Makers vibrators have 3 to 4 speeds and one pulsation mode

A speed for every mood

4 speeds and 2 pulsation modes

Super silent premium vibrators for women

A discreet
sex toy

Less than 40dB

Super safe and phthalate free premium vibrators for women

phtalate free

Body safe

Waterproof silicone vibrators


Very easy to clean

Long-lasting battery powered vibrators for women

He just keeps going!

One AAA battery for 4 hours of fun


"Created for women who shun sex shops"

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His yacht. His private jet. His island
His thick, long diamond-encrusted fingers. And you.
This guy is a collector of the finer things in life,
and it turns out you’re his favorite plaything of all.
He’s a powerful player with a great, big trust fund,
and he knows exactly how to use it.

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A classic bullet vibrator

An elegant and feminine bundle designed to bring you the best first experience with a vibrator

“First time” curates two of our most popular products: the Millionaire, a gentle vibrator, and Stay Silky Serum, a soft lubricant for women. Combined together, they will bring you moments of delicate feminine sensuality.
To start, apply some Stay Silky Serum to the rounded head of the Millionaire, and use the Millionaire as a clitoral vibrator to massage the vulva for a gentle foreplay session with yourself. Then re-apply some lubricant more generously on the whole vibrator for an easy insertion into the vagina. Build up the momentum using the 4 speeds and 2 pulsation modes of the vibrator, and let the wonders of the vaginal orgasm roll over you…


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