The Fireman
Clitoral vibrator for vulva fun

The Fireman
Clitoral vibrator for vulva fun


The Fireman

USD 55.00

  • A uniquely-shaped clitoral massager featuring an intense nose, exhilarating tip, and ‘soft-flames’ for extra sensation’
  • Made of super-smooth, cryogenically polished silicone
  • Completely body-safe and phthalate free
  • Fully waterproof
  • Surprisingly quiet
  • 4 speeds + 1 pulsation mode
  • Lenght: 140 mm, width: 25 to 45 mm
  • Up to 4 hours of fun with just one AAA battery (not included)
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Did you know the stimulation of the labia can lead to more intense orgasms? This rounded-nose and flame-shaped clitoral vibrator extends the vibe from the clit nub to your intimate lips and bring you a unique sensorial experience. Get ready to melt…

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    14 cm x 3 cm
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Soft as a feather, super smooth silicone vibrators

A smooth operator

Cryogenically polished silicone

Smile Makers vibrators have 3 to 4 speeds and one pulsation mode

A speed for every mood

4 speeds and 2 pulsation modes

Super silent premium vibrators for women

A discreet
sex toy

Less than 40dB

Super safe and phthalate free premium vibrators for women

phtalate free

Body safe

Waterproof silicone vibrators


Very easy to clean

Long-lasting battery powered vibrators for women

He just keeps going!

One AAA battery for 4 hours of fun


“Who doesn’t dream of getting into bed with a hot fireman?”

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The house may be burning but this helmeted stud
isn’t afraid of an intense situation. He’s strong. He’s brave.
And, oh my, he’s going to heat you up and leave you smoldering.
Lie back and enjoy that lovely towering inferno

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big image big image

A clitoral vibrator featuring
‘soft flames’

An intense clit vibrator with a unique flame shape
for full vulva stimulation

Is it hot in here or is it just me? Meet the Fireman, a unique and silent clitoral vibrator. This very innovative toy has been designed to unlock the full pleasure potential of the vulva.

While its rounded nose provides a focused stimulation on the clitoris nub, its flame shape carries the vibration to the labia, a part of the vulva we often overlook, despite their high sensitivity. This added stimulation enhances the whole experience to take your self-love moments to the next level. We share tips and tricks to put yourself on fire (figuratively) with this clitoral vibrator.

As all our vibrators , the Fireman is made of a super safe and super smooth silicone imported from Japan. With its 4 speeds and one pulsation mode, it is the perfect add-on to your solo sessions or you love moments!


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