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06 Sep 2018 (Last updated 13 Jun 2023)

10 fruits people associate with sex

Sexual Journey 4 min read
Smile Makers Author
10 fruits people associate with sex

In collaboration with artist Anne-Laure Herrezuelo and the Spark Fest Asia team, we have asked women and men to talk and draw about sex. As part of the discussion, we have explored people’s representation of sexuality via metaphors, asking them “If sex was a fruit, what would it be?”. The variety of answers is amazing, and here’s a brief snapshot: 10 fruits that people associate with sex. Colourful, sweet, exotic, classic, surprising…


“I guess a lemon, it can be unpleasant and can be also quite enjoyable”

Woman, 25 years old


“Peach, because it is warm and fuzzy and tastes very sweet and it is beautiful and smooth at the same time”

Woman, 34 years old


“Pomegranate…do many people say that? It is sweet, juicy, it has many things inside, seeds, like a womb, and it is as complex as you want it to be”

Woman, 34 years old

“Pomegranate, because I ate a lot of pomegranates last week. Very simple and complex fruit at the same time, it is not like a banana where you can open it up. To be able to get all the good stuff you have to go piece by piece, the complexity, takes time and effort to unwind and sexuality is the same, worth it in the end”

Woman, 32 years old


“I would say grapes. There are different grapes going under this one fruit name and there are many different definition of sexuality”

Woman, 36 years old


“Durian. I had Durian yesterday, it is representative of Singapore. It is a bit messy like sex, pleasurable, it comes to you, you can not like it at the beginning but you can learn to like it, painful and fun”

Woman, 26 years old


“Banana, it exists peeled or unpeeled, you can either expose yourself, and you form this sexual connection with that person or you do not form something deeper than a sexual connection with the person and you remain unpiled.”

Woman, 30 years old


“Avocado, it is all about timing to start with, one day it kind of work! it is rich, smooth creamy when the timing is right When you miss the timing there is no flavor”

Man, 38 years old


“Papaya, I mean, I guess it is towards softness and sweetness, how it is mushy where sexuality is still very sensitive, it is mouldable, it can be hard or soft and fragile”

Woman, 26 years old


“I like to see my sexuality as a part of myself and it is freeness and playfulness with a certain degree of being serious.. wait I’d rather say a coconut…hard to crack in the very beginning, very hard for many people yet, once you taste it, is very nice. It is a tropical fun experience that goes well with my idea of playfulness”

Man, 24 years old


“Strawberries, because it is sweet and it is like all these wonderful little packages and a kind of surprise, they are the same in a way, all look the same, but some are different, a bit bigger a bit smaller, a bit sweeter, a bit different.”

Woman, 40 years old

And for you, what would it be?

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