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How Women Visibly Change Before And After Orgasm

Sexual Health 6 min read
Jacqueline Husin

How Women Visibly Change Before And After Orgasm

We teamed up with Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti to launch a social experiment called the O Project, revealing the astonishing facial changes of 20 women before and after climaxing. A sexologist decrypts them for us!

Why spend hundreds and thousands on your cosmetics, plus endure the daily hassle of applying and removing such make-up, when you could look amazing for free, all day, every day?

This isn’t some fake TV advertising: this real-life photography series will make you want to check yourself out in the mirror after your next romp in the sheets!

We teamed up with Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti for a photographic exploration revealing the astonishing facial changes of not one but twenty women before and after climaxing by using one of Smile Makers’ vibrators.

From the looks of these 20 women spanning all different nationalities, including China, France, and the US, you can see that the message behind the project is clear: sexual empowerment unleashes a woman’s natural beauty, from her head all the way down to her toes.

Flushed lips and cheeks

During the shoot, there were no make-up artists on hand to retouch these women’s appearances. Those reddened lips and blushed cheeks you see in the last frames are all natural.

While experiencing sexual pleasure, our bodies undergo rapid change. Our heart rate increases and breath quickens. Blood rushes through the body, causing what is called vasocongestion. Parts of the body, such as the chest, neck, and face, start to exhibit a pink or rosy color. This natural blush typically lasts until shortly after climaxing, but in some cases might last for one to two hours. Since our lip’s skin tissue is thinner that other areas of the body, this rosy hue might stay on our lips even longer. Take advantage of this all-natural rouge by enjoying a tryst indoors before a big night out.

Dilated pupils

From mascara and eye liner to lash extensions and circle lenses, we love making our eyes look bigger and more expressive, no matter the cost. But these women achieved that gorgeous wide-eyed look without spending a dime.

Pupil dilation is a sign of the nervous system ramping up, thus causing an elevated heart rate and pulse. When we are sexually aroused, our pupils will tend to dilate incrementally until we reach orgasm. Even in the 16th century, women in Italy had caught on to this tell-tale sign of attraction and used poisonous eye drops to maintain pupil dilation and appear more attractive to the target of their affections. Instead of subjecting your eyes to torture, why not use a massager to get your eyes sparkling in a more pleasurable way? Just one quick session in the sheets will have your eyes bright and starry-eyed for the rest of the night!

Inviting body language

From the photos, you can see that these women had trouble sitting still, even after reaching orgasm. Their body language reflects exactly how one should feel after having a little me-time: excited and invigorated!

“You may notice in these images that some women are leaning in or look like they have just eaten the most delicious dessert,” said Melbourne-based psycho-sexologist Chantelle Otten. “Essentially, when humans orgasm, their brains are filled with dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter activated to help us perceive rewards and the actions needed to attain them. When we orgasm, our brain is rewarding us for the efforts taken to climax. This area of the brain is also activated by addictive things — like chocolate or caffeine.” Next time you’re feeling anxious about attending a big party, you might want to consider holding a self-discovery session beforehand instead of reaching for that chocolate bar or bottle of tequila. Afterwards, you’ll be more confident to go out and engage with others.

Natural and relaxed smiles

Post-orgasm, our minds are at peace. There’s a rapid cooling off across all areas of the brain after climaxing, which erases our negative thoughts collected throughout the day. Now, who wouldn’t be smiling after that?

“When we orgasm, we release oxytocin,” Dr. Otten added. “Oxytocin is often referred to as the ‘love hormone’ and can reduce cortisol, or ‘the stress hormone’, thus making us feel nice and relaxed. The more orgasms you have, the more of this lovely hormone is received, and the less stressed you become. Oxytocin is also a multifunctional analgesic, or natural pain reliever. In short, an orgasm can be good medicine in a pinch when you have a headache or cramps due to the oxytocin rush to the brain.”

Igniting change, both outside and inside

The changes in their physical appearance not only shocked the women themselves but also invited self-reflection. “The majority of the women photographed were very surprised when they saw the before and after comparisons,” photographer Alberti commented. “Some even remarked that they had never seen themselves like that before.”

“Despite how brave these women were to volunteer for this project, many were still apprehensive to view the final photos of them at their most intimate,” Jacqueline Husin of Smile Makers noted. “Yet, once revealed, the women were laughing and eager to show them off!”

“As a photographer,” Alberti continued, “I am honored to have captured such authentic expressions during a very private moment and hope that this project leads to monumental social change around women and their sexuality.”

Learn more about the O Project here

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