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23 Jun 2023 (Last updated 23 Jun 2023)

Book edit: educational queer reads

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We wanted to celebrate some of our favorite stand-out queer reads written by some exceptional voices within the queer community. In a space which thrives off education and diversity, these non-fiction picks broadcast a variety of unique perspectives and explore a wide range of identities. As well as offering solidarity and guidance to other queer people, these books are also a great place to start if you are looking to heighten your allyship and gain a better understanding of queer experience and history.

LGBTQIA+ books to add to your reading list.

Gender Euphoria by Laura Kate Dale.

"Gender Euphoria" by Laura Kate Dale explores the transformative experiences of individuals who find joy and liberation in embracing their gender identity. Drawing from personal narratives, research, and cultural analysis, this collaborative anthology sheds light on the concept of gender euphoria—a profound sense of happiness and fulfillment that arises when individuals align their outward appearance with their internal gender identity. This book challenges traditional notions of gender and invites readers to embrace a more inclusive understanding of identity and self-expression. With sensitivity and empathy, it celebrates the joy in the journeys of transgender and non-binary folk.

Gender Euphoria book cover

The trans-gender issue book cover

The Transgender Issue by Shon Faye.

This read is a thought-provoking book that delves into transgender rights and experiences. Shon Faye, a prominent transgender writer and activist, navigates through the historical, social, and political contexts surrounding the transgender community. By interweaving personal stories and cultural critique, Faye challenges prevailing narratives and misconceptions about transgender people. The book addresses healthcare, legal rights, media representation, and the intersections of gender with race and class. Faye's work encourages empathy, understanding, and respect for transgender individuals, advocating for a more inclusive society.

To My Trans Sisters by Charlie Craggs.

“To My Trans Sisters" by Charlie Craggs is a powerful and heartfelt collection of letters addressed to transgender women, offering support and guidance. Craggs, a transgender activist and founder of the Nail Transphobia campaign, shares her own experiences and combines them with the stories of diverse transgender women from around the world. Through these letters, Craggs addresses a range of topics, including self-acceptance, navigating relationships, dealing with discrimination, and embracing your own journey. This book serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment, providing reassurance and solidarity to transgender women. 

'to my trans sisters' pink book cover

'whatever happened to queer happiness?' multicolored book cover

Whatever Happened To Queer Happiness by Kevin Brazil.

"Whatever Happened to Queer Happiness" by Kevin Brazil takes a thought-provoking outlook, arguing that queer literature needs to move away from the pain of queerness and celebrate the collective joy of the queer community. The book explores past and current discourses, along with Brazil’s own experiences, questioning prevailing narratives and offers a new perspective on the pursuit of queer happiness. 

Queer Love, Queer Life 2 - The second anthology.

The highly praised sequel to "Queer Life, Queer Love," this second anthology continues to celebrate a diverse array of voices, blending established authors with promising new writers. Showcasing an expansive range of narrative forms, including fiction, poetry, memoir, essay, and flash-fiction, the anthology presents 30 exceptional pieces of writing. These selections represent the winning entries from a global competition that sought to capture the essence of contemporary queer literature. With its dedication to highlighting the best of queer writing today, "Queer Love, Queer Life 2" promises to engage readers with fresh perspectives and compelling storytelling.

'queer life, queer love 2' pink book cover

'miss major speaks' white background book cover

Miss Major Speaks by Toshio Meronek and Miss Major.

"Miss Major Speaks," written by Black, transgender activist Miss Major Griffin-Gracy alongside Toshio Meronek, offers an intimate and empowering portrayal of Miss Major's life, activism, and invaluable contributions to the queer community. From her involvement in the Stonewall riots to her work advocating for the rights of incarcerated transgender individuals, Miss Major's resilience and unwavering commitment to justice and equality shines throughout. This book is a testament to Miss Major's spirit and serves as an inspiration to generations of activists and community members. 

Queer Up by Alexis Caught.

"Queer Up" by Alexis Caught is a super educational and inclusive exploration of queer identities and experiences, aimed at young people. Through personal narratives and captivating anecdotes from prominent members of the queer community, Caught sheds light on the diverse journeys of individuals navigating sexuality, gender, and society's norms while young and queer. Exploring themes such as early relationships, coming out and self acceptance, this book serves as a valuable resource for queer young people everywhere. 

'queer up' multi-colored circle book cover

'all the things she said' psychedelic face book cover

All The Things She Said: Everything I Know About Modern Lesbianism and Bi Culture by Daisy Jones

This is an enlightening and comprehensive dive into contemporary lesbian and bisexual culture. With insightful stories and interviews, Jones delves into various aspects of identity and relationships as a queer woman. From coming out to navigating queer spaces, the book offers a diverse range of perspectives and advice on the queer culture of women. With a blend of humor and compassion, Daisy Jones empowers readers to embrace and celebrate the richness and diversity of modern queer culture.


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