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21 Nov 2019 (Last updated 25 Jan 2024)

All about the cervical orgasm

Pleasure tips 3 min read
Expert Dr Jessherin Sidhu
Smile Makers Author
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We all love to have things that are hard to come by. Take the cervical orgasm for example. It has a reputation for being the most “full-bodied orgasm ever”. Yet, the position of the cervix makes it almost out of reach, possibly making it somewhat more tantalising? Moreover, pressure on the cervix can be felt as painful.

We've decided to take a closer look and ask a doctor for clarification to get our facts straight.

What is the cervix?

We spoke to our Medical Sexual Health expert, Dr Jessherin Sidhu, who compared the cervix to “a conduit” as this 3-4 cm organ’s main function is to allow blood and discharge out and for semen to go in. The cervix is like a muscular doughnut-shaped “jar stopper” that connects the vagina canal with the uterus.

As well as channeling fluids, it helps deliver babies during birth. It also protects babies in utero and our bodies against STIs. Its mucus can be thickened creating a plug by some forms of contraception to assist with protecting against unwanted pregnancy.

Pain vs pleasure.

Not only is it one of the most sought after, it is also one of the most stipulated orgasms. This is because the pressure on the cervix can be very painful. Anyone who has experienced having their cervix hit will know that it is an incredibly sharp pain.

At some points during the female cycle, the cervix will sit higher up in the body and feel firmer and drier and possibly painful to touch. At other times, it sits lower, might be more open and will release more fluid. Upon arousal, however the whole area of the cervix engorges and with that comes cushioning…

Getting the facts.

As we have said, the cervix engorges on arousal and becomes cushioned. This could be a key reason as to how cervical orgasms are prevalent for some women and not others, to the point where the cervical orgasm has been called a myth. It would seem that there is a requirement for a deep state of arousal for this type of stimulation to equal pleasure.

"The cervical orgasm is more accurately a very “high vaginal orgasm”" (Dr. Jess, 2019).

This is due to the fact that the cervix has no erectile tissue and we know little of the nerves concentration in this area, if indeed there are any.

The cervical orgasm: an intense experience.

The cervix is also referred to as the “seat of life” as it is our passage from the uterus into the world at birth. Many will attest that by stimulating the cervix to the point of orgasm, we are unlocking a deeper level of emotional bliss and body-spirit connection.

Our reasons however for why you might want to try having a cervical or high vaginal orgasm, is because it requires a lot of arousal and this means really slowing down.

That’s right, slow sex is in.

If we’ve piqued your interest, check out our tips below.

Using lubricant.

As usual, lube lube lube! Depending on your cycle, the amount of natural lubricant produced vary from each person. Well formulated lubes also help to heighten sexual sensation. If you are using a larger internal vibrator this is a big must!

Go really slowly!

When trying anything new sexually, taking your time to listen to how your body is responding is very important. Although you might have it in mind that you really want to achieve this type of orgasm, try not to focus on it as a result and more like an added bonus to some fun sex if it does happen.

It may help to create a romantic mood for yourself so that you are ready to be in full arousal mode.

Have a warm-up orgasm ahead of time.

Get in the mood by exploring different erogenous zones and if possible, have an orgasm in a way that you know will work for you first will help prepare you for deeper stimulation. Combine both these ideas by getting to know your inner erogenous zone by stimulating the G-spot with an internal vibrator first.

Finding the deeper spot.

You might want to try finding the cervix with your fingers at first. This way you can actually feel the cervix yourself as opposed to someone else’s body part or an object.

Get to know where it currently sits in your body in relation to your cycle and notice it’s texture.

With a partner? Try being on top, doggy-style or any position you feel most comfortable that allows the deepest penetration.

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