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07 Nov 2019 (Last updated 23 Jun 2023)

Journaling prompts to love your inner-self

Sexual Journey 1 min read
Smile Makers Author
Journaling prompts to love your inner-self

Journaling can be a great way to blow off steam, releasing and reflecting on our day, our feelings and deepest thoughts.

It can also be a powerful way to help manifest how you want to feel by highlighting our desires, focusing in and urging our inner most selves to magnify the positive aspect of ourselves into our lives.

With this in mind, what if I told you that you could even conjure up a deep sense of romance by journaling. Turning on an inner voice of self-compassion, seduction and love.

Use these journal prompts to help get your juices flowing and see what comes up! The sentences can be an inspiration or to literally start your next journal entry.

Follow them with a reflection or anecdote.

If you don’t have an answer right now, you can imagine what you wish the answer was and write in the present as if you are breathing life into your desires with your pen.

Let’s begin,

The 3 things I like most about myself are

Your humour? Your empathy? Your organisation? Your style? Your skill as a cook? Your drawing skills? Your ability to always see the bright side? Your extensive knowledge of your erogenous areas?

Today, I enjoyed myself when…

When you listened to that song on the way back from work? When you met with this friend over a glass of wine? When you gave yourself an orgasm?

The sexiest part of myself is my….

When you’re feeling your best and catch your reflection, what makes you want to give yourself a cheeky wink?

I feel most in love with myself when I….

If you could run into your own arms when would it be? Scoring a winning goal, taking risks, spending time alone?

I prioritise my own pleasure by…

Slow solo sex or communicating more with a partner. How are you taking control of your own pleasure narrative?

I show myself love daily by…

Speaking positive affirmations, stopping to take in nature, mindfully preparing a meal instead of ordering take out again. What do you do today , that tomorrow you benefits from?

I turn myself on by…

Unwinding and getting in the mood can at times be a challenge. How can you get yourself in the mood for a romantic time alone?

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