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How to use a vulva vibrator?

A vibrator designed to stimulate the whole vulva, not just the clitoris! The vulva includes the labia, clitoral glans, and vaginal entrance - and The Ballerina cups all in an intimate embrace. Here are our tips on vulval stimulation with this type of vibrator.

Naturally grasp the vibrator

The Ballerina is a palm vibrator. Hold its rounded back in your hand with the button at your fingertips. Yes, kind of like a computer mouse. Now, press the curved shape against the vulva.

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Hold the vulva in an embrace

Use the vibrator to firmly cup the vulva, playing with the pressure of the palm of your hand to see where feels really good. The left part of the labia, or the right? As pleasure builds, place more emphasis on the tip of the clit.

Come and ground

After orgasm, press The Ballerina close to your vulva at the lowest speed to ground yourself. Its soft texture will feel like the hand of a lover's, soothing you through the pleasure sensations.

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Go hands-free

The size and shape of the vulva vibrator make it possible to nestle it between your legs when you are lying down. Squeeze your legs together and lay in a spooning position, or try grinding on it face down.

Climax on pointe

Lots of us need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. When you're ready to move from the labia, take the narrow end of The Ballerina to the glans of the clitoris for a more focused dance with pleasure.

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Partner up

Enhance partnered play with a vulval vibrator. Its organic shape makes it super intuitive to hold without getting in the way. Plus, it fits seamlessly into a lot of different sex positions.

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