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11 Oct 2018 (Last updated 22 Jan 2024)

The truth about female ejaculation

Sexual Health 1 min read
The truth about female ejaculation

It can be a bad experience for those who get it, but others who have never had one, female ejaculation is a holy grail. Often taboo, it is actually still poorly understood today. Here are some beliefs about female ejaculation, challenged by a sexologist.

It’s is an urban legend.

False. Some women actually secrete, during a sexual intercourse, a liquid that can be abundant – up to 150 ml, that is half a can of soda – and which is not of the cyprine, the vaginal secretion produced during the excitation phase.

It’s dirty.

False. Barely acknowledged 20 years ago, “squirting” is now the 7th most popular search criterion on pornographic media sites … So, female ejaculation is by no means disgusting, on the contrary: it is quite arousing for many.

Female ejaculation is urine.

In part. The emitted fluid contains urea, creatinine and uric acid – components of the urine. It may also contain a small amount of a liquid secreted by the Skene glands – the female prostate.

Ejaculation is women’s ultimate pleasure.

Not necessarily. While some say they only ejaculate when the orgasm is very intense, others testify that it happens to them every time. In reality, female ejaculation would be more a story of letting go than pleasure: the more the woman indulges in her pleasure, the more likely she will ejaculate.

Women can control ejaculations.

False. Like for male ejaculation, the woman does not control it once it has been triggered. On the other hand, it is not inevitable: emptying your bladder just before sexual intercourse can decrease the probability that it will happen. On the other hand, it’s useless to drink litters of water hoping to provoke that phenomenon … Again, female ejaculation is a story of letting go: the more we chase after it, the less likely it is to happen.

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