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12 Feb 2019 (Last updated 24 Sep 2023)

The surprising ways to use internal vibrators

Vibrator Guide 4 min read
Smile Makers Author
two hands holding a lilac vaginal vibrator by Smile Makers

Vaginal vibrators, G-spot vibrators, dual stimulation vibrators… When we think about vibrators, the first thing that pops to mind are vibrators for internal stimulation. Not a big surprise in our phallic-centric sex culture. But today, we want to go beyond the cliche) and share with you a more educated outlook in the exciting world of internal vibrators

1. Internal vibrators to treat female sexual dysfunction.

Sexual Dysfunction in women is still under-researched, hence not well-know. Let’s take an example: vaginismus, which is the involuntary contraction of muscles that prevents vaginal penetration. The prevalence rate of vaginismus in the population is not known and assessed to range from 5 to 17% in clinical settings.

As we work with the medical community, OB/GYN specialists have told us time and again that they use vibrators, along with dilators and other products, as part of the treatment procedure for this condition.

Indeed, vibrators are not necessarily the offensively big plastic penises that get featured in cheap porn. With a reasonable size, they can actually be a great aid for a woman who wants to get her body (re)accustomed to vaginal penetration, while taking her time and being in control of the experience.

But even when one doesn’t suffer from a condition that makes penetration painful, sensual, internal toy can be a great tool to explore your vaginal sensitivity.

2. Vaginal exploration to know yourself inside out.

Women report orgasming much more frequently from their solo sessions than they do during intercourse, especially heterosexual intercourse… Fact is, the clitoris is a pleasure powerhouse, a super sensitive organ with 8,000 nerve endings, and statistically, women’s favorite pick for self-love. But clitoral stimulation is deemed as foreplay in the context of intercourse, where the vagina gets more attention. So basically, intercourse is more centered about a type of stimulation we are less used to exploring ourselves.

Obviously, a necessary step to close the orgasm gap is to challenge the hierarchy between clit stimulation and vaginal penetration. And we’ll come back to this later.

But first, if you are curious to get better acquainted with your inner self, internal vibrators are a good option.

We are not saying that if you have never experienced an orgasm following vaginal stimulation, all you have to do is get yourself a vibrator and practice. It sounds boring and mundane to say it but it’s true: we are all different and we all experience sex differently. What we want to do here is to invite you to use an internal massager to take time for yourself and see what you feel. A bit like a meditation session, but with a vibrator.

Few tips for your me-time.

  • Not having as a goal to climax, but simply to explore yourself, start playing with your intimate toy.
  • You can insert just a few inches first. Breathe deeply and focus on the sensations in your vagina. Take your time.
  • You can pull it out, then back in again, each time going a bit deeper and see how that may feel different as you go.
  • Try different angles, different rhythms.
  • Again, don’t set your mind on having an orgasm. It is about being curious about this part of your body. It’s a bit like wine tasting: you’re not here to drink the whole bottle, but to try different wines and see which ones are the most interesting for your taste buds!

3. Mix it up and try clit stimulation.

We have mentioned the clitoris. The clitoris plays a big role in internal pleasure, because it’s most likely the stimulation of its internal structure that leads to what we call “vaginal orgasms”.

This stimulation of the internal clitoral structure is made easier and more pleasurable when the clitoris is aroused thus swollen.

Some women are able to go quite far just by having sexual thoughts, but you can also start by using your vibrator to massage the vulva. You can even get an orgasm this way, and then move on to inserting your vibrator inside your vagina for a different type of stimulation.

Notice how it might feel different from when you use your vibrator without some external play first. Does it feel better? More intense? Or less intense? And why not try using your vibrator internally while stimulating the clitoris’ bulb?

From taking time for yourself to explore inner play, you can acquire two valuable things:

  • a better knowledge of what you like
  • the ability to pay attention to your sensations down there

And this can make partner sex a lot more fun: not only will you be able to guide your partner better to what you like, but you will also be able to acknowledge what you feel and what you like when they surprise you with new sensations!

For sexual wellness content that inspires even more pleasure in your life, follow @SmileMakersCollection - or check out our colorful collection of different types of vibrators for beginners and beyond.
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