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01 Feb 2019 (Last updated 24 Jan 2024)

Body positivity to unleash your full sexual potential

Sexual Journey 3 min read
Smile Makers Author
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Throughout 2018 you didn’t have to look very far to see that conversations about sex and the body were moving away from heteronormative culture and more to the self.

Though social media and influencer culture remains hugely problematic (exemplified by Netflix’s Fyre Fraud documentary and appetite suppressants and diuretic teas still being peddled by massive celebs), many brave advocates used their platforms responsibly to celebrate self-care, body positivity and sex as a vital part of wellness.

"The body positivity movement promotes love and acceptance of the body in an effort to improve body image. It is different than body neutrality, a movement that focuses on the body’s function rather than its appearance" (West, 2022).

As a sexual wellness femtech brand, we love that this is happening and predict that, in 2019, more people will embrace the link between body positivity and an amazing sex life.

Make time for self-care and strengthen your relationship with your body in the name of exploration and of course, pleasure.

Discover yourself.

It goes without saying that the more you know about your body, the more you will be able to enjoy it and aside from feeling great, there are so many reasons why orgasms are scientifically good for us. Hormones released make us feel and look better and the physiological response is a mini-work out with many health benefits too!

Of course being able to communicate what you want in bed with a partner is going to increase you likeliness of having an orgasm however knowing what you want is something you don’t need a SO to discover.

Here are our body positivity tips for more sexual satisfaction.

Know your bits!

If like us you were too busy squirming with embarrassment at the badly executed sex-ed class back in school, it may be time for a refresher course. After all, how are you going say what you like if you’re still calling your vulva a cutesy name you gave it at 3 years old. Grab a hand mirror and check out our guide to the female anatomy.

Vagina/womb focused practises.

Goddess coachings, jade egg courses and womb yoga classes are becoming more available online and in yoga studios. These practises draw your focus to sexual organs and awaken sexual energy. Feeling really hippy? Check out our blog post on tantra sex, no gymnastic skills required just the breathe and an open mind to conscious love making and intimacy.

Body-positive lingerie.

Your underwear is the closest thing to your skin all day long. It should make you feel good and it should certainly be comfortable! With brands like Under Argument, celebrating our bodies and their stories, it's easy to find inclusive lingerie that makes us feel sexy!

Make time for masturbation.

As Sex Education’s Aimee Gibbs discovers after a “self-love” bender, orgasming through masturbation has just as many benefits as with a partner.

Experimenting with different ways of orgasming give opportunity to learn what you really like while create a loving and mindful relationship with your body.

Switch influence for inspiration.

Studies have shown that, more often than not, people leave social media feeling depressed. I strongly recommend unfollowing anyone that makes you feel bad about your body. Shame is very stagnant, heavy and blocking to your creative and sexual energy. If you want to commit to strengthening your relationship with your body and calling in more pleasure to your life, surround yourself with people who have the same intention and this includes who you follow online.

Need some new inspiration? Here are our tips to give your feed a make-over and make it your daily mood-booster!

Beauty Redefined are promoting body image resilience in the name of celebrating our minds, achievements and personalities.

Shalom Blac is a burn-survivor beauty blogger her makeup skills are amazing and her message of Be Your Kind Of Beautiful is carried through in her authentic approach to vlogging.

The Good Place Jameela Jamil created the @i_weigh movement for us to feel valuable and see how amazing we are beyond the flesh on our bones.

Emilia Ortiz aka Ethereal.1 uses her platform to give motivation advice on self-care and navigating relationships with others and ourselves.

Join a womb yoga workshop and connect with your feminine energy and natural cycles to deepen your connection with your body and its rhythms.

And our personal favourite and Singapore neighbour: lingerie brand Terie that uses sustainable materials to create beautiful and comfortable innerwear.

Body positivity is a practice. Be kind to yourself, make time and treat your body like the only home you will ever really have. Once you do this you will start to unlock pleasure you had never known was possible.

For sexual wellness content that inspires even more pleasure in your life, follow @SmileMakersCollection - or check out our colorful collection of different types of vibrators for beginners and beyond.
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