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28 Dec 2023 (Last updated 02 Jan 2024)

How I masturbate: Hannah, 40.

Solo sex 2 min read
How I masturbate: Hannah, 40.

This month’s masturbation diary is by Hannah, a woman with a high libido juggling family responsibilities, who experiences the soothing benefits of masturbation, but realizes that masturbation doesn’t always make up for a lack of partnered sex and isn’t always openly talked about in relationships.

Living situation: Partner and two teenagers.

Relationship status: In a relationship.

Pronouns: She/her.

What sexual orientation best fits you right now? Straight.

How many sex toys do you own? One, The Firefighter. 

Do you ever use lube during masturbation? Always.

What do you call masturbation? Wank.

How would you describe your libido at the moment? High.

Growing up, what kind of convos did you have about sex? We didn’t.

At what age do you first remember masturbating? 12 years old.

Hannah's masturbation diary.

Week one.

Having a no-sex time in my relationship which is hard but wanking daily helps fight off the frustrated feeling even if the lonely feeling doesn’t go. Lube and The Firefighter vibrator gets me off quite quick but go in for more instantly and it hits the spot every time… helps me sleep also.

Week two.

Really unwell with Covid…. Started to feel better towards end of week and had time with myself in bed…. Old films and vibrator and lube wanked and wanked was the best I’d felt the endorphins really helped with endless fatigue. Desperate to have some physical contact but Covid is not the best for intimacy

Week three.

Back to normal and back to busy mom life…. Running here there and everywhere not a moment to think let alone have some me time!!!! Partner is coming to bed at same time as me so no wanking (we don’t have that type of relationship).

Week four. 

Early nights and one wank this week …. Was tricky to finish … feeling stressed and worried about boys starting back at school so think my mind just was else where … ended up having to put some sex on the tv and that sorted this issue!

Our libido can fluctuate often because of stress and hormones; understanding how these things can impact our sexual wellness is kind of a life hack! When it comes to partnered sex, vibrators can help unlock more intimacy and pleasure when it feels like there is a lull in your sex life together.

Masturbation diaries by the Smile Makers' community are here to discuss what we rarely discuss... how we masturbate! We hope to inspire and prove that every one of us is writing our very own sexual story. We also adore that it's a great time to reflect on our monthly pleasure and note how it impacts our wellness!

Want to share yours? Let us know what a month of masturbating (or not!) looked like for you, and if we feature yours, we'll send you Smile Makers' goodie as a token of our appreciation for inspiring us all.

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