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23 Aug 2017 (Last updated 22 Sep 2023)

Why masturbation can save your life

Solo Sex 1 min read
Smile Makers Author
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Long gone are the days when we thought masturbation was unhealthy and dangerous for your health (side eyeing Mr Kellogg's right now). On the exact opposite, masturbation can actually save your life one day!

1. Vibrator and self-examination.

person with a pink clit vibrator

A scientific study conducted by the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, Indiana University, in the United States, with a representative sample of more than 3,000 women, highlighted a surprising link between the use of vibrators and detection of certain cancers.

Indeed, users of vibrators were much more likely to have had a gynaecological examination during the past year and to have carried out a genital self-examination during the previous month. However, genital self-examination has been suggested as an important tool for the early detection of vulvar skin abnormalities.

2. Love your body: a health reflex.

Although the relationship between the use of vibrators and these routine health practices is significant, the exact nature of these relationships is not known. It is possible that women who use a vibrator are also women who feel comfortable with their bodies. And therefore, more likely to touch their genitals for health reasons or not be embarrassed by a gynaecological examination. It may also be that novelty or sexual pleasure motivates women to use a vibrator, and that this experience helps them feel more comfortable with their genital and gynaecological examinations.

3. Learning to know your body.

Whatever the reason, the lesson for us remains the same. We are still too numerous not to be interested in our private parts, even to find them repulsive.

But by masturbating, we discover our body, we get to know it better. This brings us marvels of pleasure, but also the ability to take great care of us! And building this new relationship with our body can one day save our lives...

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