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26 Sep 2018 (Last updated 26 Jun 2023)

How men see sex: 12 quotes and drawings

Sexual Journey 4 min read
man in a bed of flowers

In collaboration with artist Anne-Laure Herrezuelo and the Spark Fest Asia team , we have asked men to talk and draw about sex. What is their representation of female sexuality? What is their representation of male sexuality? How is it different? Or is it the same. Here’s a sneak peek in 12 drawings and 12 quotes!

When Men Draw Their Representation Of Male Sexuality

how men see sex - cool

It is the sign for music that men do, like power and fun (wave his hand) like that. Something cool.

how men see sex - lightning

Lighting bolt! Yes this is it

how men see sex drawing

Strength but not harshness, like a castle, strong but protective, not being controlling, a powerful yet understated. Still feats and velvet gloves. “Fire and silk”,

how men see sex - passion

Passion, together achieve something like a trophy, yet together, I want to give the most out of me, it looks like it is but …but it is a heart. I want to draw a planet, going beyond the universe. You lose sense of time, as you go out of your own dimension, the spaceship represent going and exploring new boundaries. Not sure how a spaceship looks like…and you explore together.

how men see sex - mysterious

Mystery island giant phallic symbol, also sturdiness, men are supposed to be stoic about things, statue.

how men see sex - two sides

On one hand, you are masculine and strong, and at the same time, it is about softness, feeling, flow. That is why I drew hard lines and soft lines together

When Men Draw Their Representation Of Female Sexuality

how men see female sexuality - tiara

It is a tiara…because it is special and when a lady gives you this then you have to respect it, it is beautiful.

how men see female sexuality - sunshine

It is a Sun! Like Sunshine…wait, mmm let me add some clouds as well…sometimes there are clouds and birds that fly all around. Yes, a nice and perhaps cloudy day

how men see female sexuality - energy

Female sexuality is energy, lighting bold, inspiration

how men see female sexuality - together

For me it is the same, you do it together, whatever way you are interested in. Same as previous as previous drawing, unified, does not matters if you are male or female.

how men see female sexuality - energy

For me male and female represent energy and consciousness and what I am drawing is how they connect and understand each other. I don’t know, I feel having a good connection is like connecting with a place in the Universe, to be fully connected and part of something. To me that is the Yoni.

how men see female sexuality - beautiful

Something beautiful: bells and whistles and things to explore, and not just one place to explore. You can look at what is outside and visible and inside through the tree there is always something invisible and if take your time to discover then you can access to it…and every tree is different.

Doesn’t that make you want to ask men in your life about their representation. We promise you it’s a rewarding experience!

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