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26 Apr 2019 (Last updated 22 Sep 2023)

Hacks to have multiple orgasms

Pleasure Tips 2 min read
Smile Makers Author
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Our ability to explore and enjoy our sexuality stems from a better knowledge of our body, and a curiosity to experiment new things. So, this week, we want to talk clitoris sensitivity, multiple orgasms, and masturbation techniques.

Why can we have multiple orgasms?

As you probably know, the clitoris is extremely rich in nerve endings (8,000 in fact), making it a highly sensitive organ. To top this off, clitorises have, on average, a way shorter refractory period than people with penises.

If you are new to this term, the refractory period is the period of time the post-orgasm body is able to reach orgasm once again. This phenomenon is what makes multiple orgasms possible for us, lucky clitoris owners. For some, a few minutes “rest” is all that’s needed until they are able to have additional, succeeding climaxes’.

One factor that can get in the way of discovering your multiple orgasm capabilities may be a highly sensitive clitoris. Post-orgasm, the clit is often very sensitive to touch and additional stimulation may seem an altogether no-go.

If your someone whose clitoris feels more like sore-spot than a pleasure button post orgasm; here are some masturbation techniques and tips to have multiple orgasms .

1. Layering: add some clothing.

Having your underwear in between your fingers or clitoral vibrator and clitoris will create a cushioned friction without such an intense sensation experienced when the clitoris is feeling overly sensitive.

Additionally you can use your labia majora (outer lips) by pulling them over the clitoris and masturbating on top.

2. Orbiting: circle around the clitoris.

With your fingers or clitoral vibrator. You can vary pressure, from gliding along the surface to actively pressing. Explore by creating patterns such as a figure eight.

Something else to consider while orbiting, is direction. It is likely you will discover you favour starting from one side; clockwise or anti-clockwise , experiment!

3. Going beyond the clitoris.

If you read our Vulva Talks blog posts on anatomy, you know that the clitoris is far larger than meets the eye. Stimulating the labia minora and vaginal entrance is likely to create a sexual response as they connect to the internal parts of the clitoris as well as the urethral and perineal sponges’ respectively. These vascular areas contain erectile tissue and ample nerve endings which engorge during arousal, hence the pleasure possibilities. When having sex with a partner, using a clitoral vibrator externally while they penetrate you vaginally can heighten your pleasure.

4. Try the grounding technique.

Many people swear on this technique as a way to literally ground their sexual energy after sex. Using the palm of your or your partners hand over your vulva, simply hold still as the intense post orgasmic sensations dissipate. After a few moments try returning to your sexual activity, partnered or solo and notice any difference you might have sensitivity wise.

With these techniques, you can have multiple orgasms, but remember to not let pressure to “achieve” orgasm interfere with the journey. It will most likely ruin it for you. Simply have fun with your body, enjoy the pleasure you can give yourself, and discover your sensual potential!

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