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06 Feb 2020 (Last updated 23 May 2023)

What are the 5 different sex languages and what is yours?

Pleasure Tips 2 min read
Smile Makers Author
What are the 5 different sex languages and what is yours?

You’ve heard of the Five Languages of Love but have you heard of the languages of sex? It does make sense that, if we all like to be treated differently in romantic love, that we’d like to be seduced and enjoy sex in different styles also.

Shann Boody, certified sex educator, and author Douglas Weiss are among sex and relationship experts who have coined terms to reference these different sexual styles.

For the sake of this article we’re going to use Shann Boody’s terms, can you identify yours?

1.Direct: You’re assertive and expect clear direct language 😏

You’re the kind of person that will get turned on by strong eye contact and being told exactly what their partner wants from them. There is no beating around the bush with you and so you’d would probably appreciate very targeted and direct stimulation.

2.Sensual: Get ready to dim the lights and 🌹

It’s all about the mood and you probably need to enter into a state of peace before turning your interest to sex. You might also be a bit of a neat freak and need your bedroom spotless before inviting a partner over or even to masturbate! Maybe try channelling your inner romantic to get even more fluent in this language?

3.Mental: It’s all about the connection 🤓

You’re the type that appreciates a closer connection before having really ecstatic partner sex. Still working on that bond? Bring another into the mix for extra stimulation during PIV sex or get to know yourself better by exploring entire vulva sensitivity.

4.The cat: The puuurfect lover when they say so, only 😺

You’re the type to want to make your partner miss you every now and again. Maybe you love to tease or just need a lot of warming up before getting in the sheets with someone else? It’s also likely that you value space and time in your intimate connections. Turn the tables if you relate to this feline style and tease yourself! Start with erogenous zones unexplored but hold off the most erotic places for as long as you can…

5.The negotiator: Sex with you is a gift. They're welcome 💦

A bit of a diva or just appreciate the finer things? As a lover, you might think sex isn’t the biggest incentive and might need a treat to entice you first. A timeless and chic vibe, perhaps?

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