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23 Jan 2020 (Last updated 30 Aug 2023)

How to use all five senses during sex

Solo Sex 3 min read
Smile Makers Author
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We don’t discriminate! Great self-pleasure is much more than the obvious sexual organs being stimulated. Invigorating all of your senses can help alter your state of mind, relax and then come fully alive for a truly transcending sexual experience.

Here are our tips for how you can weave all of the senses into your sex life.

👂 Spine tingling sounds.

Heard of ASMR? This isn’t just a flash in the pan YouTube trend. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response videos are responsible for over 11 million videos since 2010 (there were just under 100 video uploaded in the hour that I wrote this blog post). They are often relaxing, sedative sensations caused by “triggers”. These triggers are whispers, accents and crackle-light sounds that give listeners pleasurable shivers.

While many fans deny ASMR being in any way erotic, others describe it as a kink! What we do know is that for many of us ASMR is very relaxing which is a perfect transition from a hectic day into a sensual one.

👀 Become the voyeur.

We love pleasure positive artists. While many use their creativity to raise awareness of sex related issues, other artists are using theirs to ignite your erotic imagination. It’s like arty porn!

On the other end of things, you can switch things up with the simple act of closing your eyes. Or go one step further and cover them. Studies have proven that awareness of touch also deteriorates when we are distracted visually. So lower your gaze and heighten your awareness of touch simply by blocking out visual disturbances such as light or a messy bedroom so you can zone in on the sensations on your body.

👃 An olfactory addiction.

You know when you have a smell that you can’t get enough off? Its energising and nostalgic all at once. It makes you close your eyes and breathe deeply; you sense it with your entire being? While there are some smells that we culturally agree are more sensual or romantic (musk and rose respectively for example) you might find through some trial and error that you have a random smell like ginger bread or old spice that you just love and perhaps even turns you on.

Still looking for your signature sexual scent? Studies suggest the likes of lavender and clary sage, more commonly associated with deep relaxation, have an aphrodisiac effect on women too.

Destress before sex with smell and scent.

Try this; Take an essential oil that you find deeply relaxing such as lavender and place a few drops on your wrists. Placing your palms over your eyes, sit in the darkness of your hands as you deeply inhale the scent. Do this until you feel your breathing has slowed right down.

👄 Oral fixation.

Ditching caffeine and alcohol for water only is an easy health hack to help give your tastebuds a blank slate. After only one week you will start to taste flavours more intensely. For a sensual twist how about treating yourself to some in the dark dining. The pop concept has stuck around and can be found in most major cities. By depriving ourselves visually we have no expectations about a foods taste and somehow the surprise intensifies that concoction of flavours.

DYI at home, alone or with a partner. Playing with the foods in your kitchen might inspire you to turn up the heat or can be a playful alternative to penetrative sex or traditional heavy outercourse. With your partner blindfolded you are in control of what they taste next. Will you be sweet or sour?

✋ Being tactile.

Touch is a vital way for humans to experience the world. Did you know that the skin, and the receptors therein, make up the largest of our sense organs?

After all no other sense can arouse you like touch. (Field, 2001, p.57)

Powerful, strong, light and lingering? Vulva vibrators are a perfect way to experiment with the sensation of touch and allow you to discover the entire pleasure potential of the region, going lightyears beyond a traditional vibrator.

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