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19 Jun 2020 (Last updated 28 Jun 2023)

6 sex positive podcasts

Sexual Journey 2 min read
Smile Makers Author
sex positive podcasts

This is an update from an article published in June 2020

If you want to explore more resources on sexuality but feel tired of looking at your screen, we have prepared a list of our favorite sex positive podcasts to listen to!

Sex Gets Real.

With over 300 episodes, there probably isn't a topic that Sex Gets Real hasn't covered. Created and run by therapeutic coach Dawn Serra, Sex Gets Real offers many tools and insights to build a positive relationship with our body and sexuality to unlock our potential as sexual, emotional, and spiritual beings. Great for: sexual healing.

The Sexually Liberated Woman.

Looking for an energizing podcast that embraces the breadth of our experiences as sexual and emotional beings? Listen to Ev'Yan Whitney's podcast. She shares her personal views and invites knowledgeable guests. It feels relatable, almost comforting, and, most importantly, empowering!

Sex Ed With DB.

Danielle Bezalel, aka DB, has created a podcast to provide access to a comprehensive, non-judgmental, medically accurate sex ed, going beyond the usual topics and exploring the variety of human experiences of sex. She brings the voices of LGBTQ+ folks and people of color to the center stage and makes a podcast an inclusive space. Her guests come from all walks of life and movingly share their stories. Highly refreshing! Great for: revisiting sex ed.

Something Private.

Being a Singaporean company, we have to mention Something Private. Nicole's energy is contagious, and she documents, without taboos, all the aspects of our intimate life, from dating to vulva pride, STIs, masturbation, or life as a circumcised woman, and explores the topic of female sexuality in South-East Asia. Her guests can be sexual health experts or the girl next door, and listening to Something Private feels like sitting with your BFF.

Sex Ed In Colour.

Are you passionate about sex education and keen to become a sex educator? In this podcast, Cameron Glover shares many insights and tips to support sex educators and explore a vast realm of topics that can tie back to sex education, from kink to talking about sex with young people, masturbation, and more.

Clitastic Chronicles.

That's right; we're broadcasting pleasure positivity here at Smile Makers to people with clitorises and vulva owners alike! Eavesdrop on our conversations with experts and friends as we explore female sexuality, reconsider sexual health, and put pleasure in the spotlight. Oh, and we even include some inspiration for your erotic imagination in the form of free audio erotica. You're welcome.

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