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07 Sep 2022 (Last updated 25 Sep 2023)

The best vibrators for every zodiac sign

Vibrator Guide 5 min read
Smile Makers Author
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Star signs and sex! Which star sign are you or your partner? The 12 zodiacs divide into four elements. Each has its own traits to guide you in your pleasure choices. Read on to discover sex tips and vibrators to match your astrology sign... 

Earth Signs

Earth signs are grounded, practical, and loyal, yet love the finer things in life!


Taurus natives have a strong need for social stability and intimate connection. They also seek extravagance, contentment, and great things, leading to intense desire. Like the Slow Erotic Kneads massage oil, Tauruses are not afraid to spend their precious time indulging in pleasure and taking their time with it. Attentive to arousing every sense when it comes to self-love.


On appearance, Virgos are humble and hard-working, though, under the surface, they are frequently natural, kind, and sympathetic. They emulate The Billionaire’s taste for the finer things in life but allow the pleasure they seek to be simple and effective. Their practicality is amenable to people from all walks of life, and they enjoy sharing their wealth and pleasure with others.


Capricorns are highly driven, enthusiastic about life, and capable of setting lofty but attainable objectives. The Surfer aligns with their natural ambition to seek adventure and travel the world. The powerful bullet vibrator is the perfect travel companion, so you will always be able to access tidal waves of pleasure as you seek adventure in the great unknown.

Water Signs

Water signs are sensitive, highly intuitive, deep, and imaginative. Just like these pleasure products, they like to dance with the senses…


Cancers are sensitive, deep, and passionate. Their personality is like wading chest-deep in a lake of warm water. With its seductive and musky scent, our Sweaty Orgasmic Candle emulates the kind of layers of passion you can expect from a typical Cancer. It feels sparkling and cool while touching the body, but you know that if you dive in, it will feel warm.


The Scorpio personality is a profound chasm of infinite complexity, or at least that is how they like to project themselves. They prefer to be the people asking the questions, but just like The Tennis Pro, they get to know you intimately and endeavor to discover the little things that make you tick. This ergonomic G-spot vibe is designed for targeted massages on your erogenous area, enables mind-blowing G-spot stimulation, and emulates a Scorpio’s deep connection.


Pisces is the champion of traits often labeled ‘soft’ and generally under-appreciated, things like intuition and sensitivity, which are undoubtedly talents, not impediments. Similar to The Ballerina, Pisces sometimes feel overlooked because they may not be traditional or conventional. Our powerful vulva vibrator is soft yet firm, designed to cup the vulva in a sensual embrace and make you tremble with pleasure. In Pisces style, it is a one-of-a-kind and not to be overlooked…

Air Signs

Air signs are thinkers, very sociable, and great communicators. Cue sexual wellness essentials that meet this element’s curiosity and originality.


Dual personality meets dual stimulation. A Gemini’s curiosity matches The Artist’s playful potential for pioneering your own pleasure. Geminis and The Artist alike, are versatile and comfortable being both introverts and extroverts. (The Artist is both an internal and external vibrator.) They are quick to adapt to the energy of a room. They can be the life of the party or a complete wallflower, this versatility is the recipe for excitement and discovering pleasure in ways you never even thought were possible.


Libras are difficult to understand because they seem so contradictory on the surface. They’re simultaneously extroverted and introverted, strategic and spontaneous, focused and intuitive. But they share a similar nature to our Tender Orgasmic Manifestation candle in their value of empathy and charm. Our luxury candle is sweet and sensuous, just like the nature of a Libra.


Aquarians are archetypical outcasts. They like to stand out from the crowd and be known to be different, just like The Poet. That doesn’t mean they’re loners - no, they charm you with their peculiar senses of humor, intrigue you with fun facts or attempt to woo you with their spoken word poems or short fiction. Designed as a kiss from nature, our suction toy for clitoral pleasure is the ultimate sweet talker, just like the classic Aquarian.

Fire Signs

Signs under the fire element are bold, passionate, and confident. Their well-channeled signature intensity aligns with sex tools that facilitate a hot and fiery self-love experience.


At their core, Aries do what they want and do things their way. They are honest and direct, and perhaps the sign that is least conflicted about what they desire. They throw themselves at the world of pleasure eagerly and without fear. Melt into your sensuality fearlessly with our Hot Orgasmic Manifestation Candle; its warm and arousing scent ignites hot sexual emotions to inspire future orgasms. Knowing how and what you like might be the hottest trait of all.


Leos are bold, warm, and loving. They have captivating personalities and creative souls, injecting ambition into everything they do. Like The Firefighter, they stand out from the crowd and think outside the box. This clitoral vibe is an innovator designed for you to play and think beyond the realms of internal stimulation. Its unique flame shape allows you to get creative with your pleasure and experience the explosive heat of clitoral stimulation.


Sagittarians are reckless in their pursuit of what they want and often end up doing and experiencing things that defy conceptions of the possible. They feel like the world is their playground and love to dive into the unknown, identical to the bold and luxurious vibrator, The Romantic. Its curved and voluptuous design encourages exploring new, deeper realms of internal pleasure.

Still not sure on a vibrator match?

Choosing a vibrator is so unique, and something that might not be written in our horoscopes. Here's a different way to choose...

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