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How to use a rabbit vibrator?

The internal and external parts of our genital anatomy are densely innervarted and highly connected. Stimulating two areas at once can unlock more intense orgasms which is why many vulva owners favour dual stimulation of the clitoris and the vagina at once. But there are even more ways to play with a dual vibrator...

Adjust the fit

Shaped to your anatomy. The angle between the two heads of your rabbit vibrator can be adjusted by moving the bigger head.

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Control the depths

Place the smaller head on the clitoral glans, and the bigger head into the vagina. The flexibility means you can control how deep to go internally, whilst still stimulating externally.


Use sensor mode

The Artist has two squeezable sensors on either side of the handle. In sensor mode, you can immediately change the speed of the vibration by pressing one or both sensors. Kind of like using a brush to create gentle or strong brush strokes.

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Go between the cheeks

You can also adjust the angle to have the smaller head on the clitoris and the longer head between the butt cheeks. The perineum, the part between the vaginal opening and anus is rich in nerve endings!


Experiment with positions

Things can feel very differently in different positions. You can try using a rabbit vibrator lying down, kneeling on the bed, on your hands and knees, standing up, on your side...

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Tease yourself

Playful modes deliver unexpected motions to build anticipation about what's coming next (you, we hope). You can control each head of The Artist rabbit vibrator individually to really shake things up.


Unleash your creativity

Press and hold the two buttons at once to unlock 'creative mode'. Here, you can control the two heads of your rabbit vibrator independently to make your very own stimulation mix.

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Vibrate and oscillate

When you use the product internally, create gentle in and out motions to mimic penetrative sex. For extra comfort, apply a water-based lubricant to cushion up.


Set the mood

Hot Orgasmic Manifestation

Hot Orgasmic Manifestation

Erotic sex candle.

Sweaty Orgasmic Manifestation

Sweaty Orgasmic Manifestation

Seductive sex candle.

Tender Orgasmic Manifestation

Tender Orgasmic Manifestation

Sensual scented candle.


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