OrganiCup and Smile Makers
partner up to reinvent
women’s intimate wellness!

Why creating this partnership?
To join our forces to break taboos around female intimacy!

Masturbation, menstruations… It’s 2017 and these 2 words are still big taboos.
Big social media platforms take down pictures of women menstruating and won’t allow us to advertise on women’s sexual wellbeing.  And yet, both menstruations and female masturbation are a completely natural part of a woman’s life and health!

So, today, Smile Makers is partnering up with OrganiCup to combine our expertise and create a safe space to talk about women’s intimate wellbeing.

What is OrganiCup about?

OrganiCup was founded in 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark, to improve menstrual health on a personal, cultural and global scale. Menstruation affects the lives of half of the world’s population. Yet no period innovations have happened in over 50 years.

OrganiCup is on a journey to change the way periods affect our lives, our bodies and our environment. Menstrual cups are an alternative to conventional period products. They tick all the right boxes for your health, for convenience and for the environment.

Find out more here!

Care for your private parts!

Bringing together our expertises, we have created for you a guide to a good intimate hygiene!

Read all our tips here!


Reinvent your periods with menstrual cups, and lubes!

Go for a chemical free period!
OrganiCup is made from medical-grade silicone, nothing else. It is 100% chemical free: nothing will mess with your body!

Enjoy 12 hours of freedom
OrganiCup offers you 12 hours of protection so you don’t have to worry about your period during the day. Or night.

And for more comfort, lube it up!
First, remember to wash your hands with soap. Fold the cup, and insert the folded cup and let it unfold inside your vagina. For an easier insertion, add some personal lubricant on the cup!

Lube up your way to your periods!

Let us introduce you to an unexpected friend to make menstruation more comfy and fun: intimate lubricant!

Check out 4 reasons to use lube during your period!


Say ‘Goodbye” to period cramps: masturbate!

Did you know orgasms help pain relief?
During orgasm, pelvic muscles tense and release, stimulating the blood flow and alleviating menstrual cramps. Better than Advil no?

Clean vibes only!
So get your vibrator out next time Aunt Flow is in town! Use OrganiWipes to clean your massager when you’re on the go!