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01 Apr 2021 (Last updated 24 Sep 2023)

4 vulva owners share how vibrators changed their lives

Vibrator Guide 5 min read
Smile Makers Author
how vibrators changed our lives

To celebrate bringing vibrators and female pleasure out in the open, we spoke to four members of the Smile Makers community who have messaged us in the past to share their stories.

After years of listening and learning from your experiences, the changes we made to our original vibrator collection were all inspired by you. So, it seems only right that we continue to share and be inspired by what you tell us.

TW: pregnancy loss.

1. Painful penetration.

Fatima, 25, found it hard to find pleasure when coping with penetrative pain.

I’m 25 years old and have only had one sexual partner. Before him, I had never ever masturbated or touched my body because I grew up in an environment where it was incredibly stigmatized and seen as impure and bad. When I did sleep with my partner at the time, it was absolutely terrible. I later diagnosed myself as having vaginismus (it felt like an accurate description). Penetration was incredibly painful and the entire thing was uncomfortable. We didn’t stay together long enough for me to get comfortable.

It wasn’t until 6 months after him that I began to explore my body (during quarantine). Penetration was still always so difficult for me and scary and painful so I kept avoiding it and thought I was broken inside. Which made things feel worse. I was scared I’d never enjoy penetration.

I went to get my first Pap smear and the doctor couldn’t enter because of how squirmy I was and scared. She actually recommended me The Millionaire (now The Billionaire) from Smile Makers. IT CHANGED MY LIFE.

With breathing, relaxing, and using lube, I was able to penetrate using The Millionaire and it didn’t hurt. It took a few tries BUT IT WORKED AND SHOWED ME I WAS NOT BROKEN. I cried happy tears. A month of practice after, I went to get my Pap smear and it was sooo smooth.

I was so ridiculously relieved. It has been a long and nerve-wracking journey but the Smile Makers product helped me tremendously. And I love the team so much for existing, I’ve been following along before I was recommended the product and as a site in itself helped me feel better about even exploring my body and seeing sexual health in a completely different light than how I grew up thinking.

2. Sexuality throughout our lives.

Anonymous, new mama, on figuring out a sex life during loss and motherhood.

Smile Makers product helped me live a normal life again after my fourth pregnancy loss. No one talks about sex after repeat pregnancy loss and how hard it is for couples or even women alone to not feel alienated by their body - it’s a constant source of betrayal. Slowly, quietly, I got back there and I appreciated the sex positive messages. They’re important.

I’ve been using Smile Makers through so much turmoil in my life, at each phase trying to rebuild my approach to sex and sex life in general. Beyond recovery from pregnancy loss, there was failed IVF treatments and now, life as a new mum. Frankly, I’m still figuring out sex life after baby, and I’m unsure of how to navigate sex when all it had been about for years was a baby and not pleasure. I’ve enjoyed and really appreciated this brand.

3. The power of lube.

Nabilah, 27, navigated orgasms with chronic pain condition endometriosis.

I have endometriosis so it’s really hard for me to orgasm or feel pleasurable when having sex because it’s really painful.

In 2020, I’ve won a giveaway from LUÜNA which features Smile Makers! When I received my package, I was excited. I had won The Romantic internal vibrator and Generous Gel lubricant. I was afraid at first but wow! When I used the lube to help insert the vibrator in me, it wasn’t painful at all! The vibrations were amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it... more than once. I’ve used it on my own and with my partner. It’s definitely worth it and I’m already excited for my next purchase with Smile Makers!

4. Finding joy and one’s self.

Jacqueline, in her prime, shares the lessons learnt from using a vibrator.

The Ballerina is easily the best gift I ever bought for myself. It took me a while to make the purchase because I already had a toy, did I really need another? Wasn’t one enough? Could I have more fun... Curiosity won the day and soon I had her in my hand, and she was just as pretty as her photo. Her shape really appealed to me and while I have always been an ardent self-pleasure seeker, the phallic toys did not always sit at ease with me. It has been a fine romance dearest Ballerina; you have never let me down, and honestly, it hardly sounds believable the utter joys we share together. (Hint! Use the Smile Makers Technique Tipsheet…for infinity and beyond!)

Ballerina, shall we count the ways I love you? We can try – there are many. Ok; you’d think the ability to orgasm in multiples in your company (Yes!) would be top of the list, and reader, it is certainly not to be sniffed it, but the most important lesson I’ve learned in our luxurious and unhurried hours together is that the greatest gift you’ve really given me is the whole-hearted and unashamed love for my own dear body. Through the endless and varied JOY we share - I have found true love. In joy, exists confidence, the confidence to explore my own body and marvel at its ever-growing sensuality - alone or in company, I am becoming an altogether greater woman. To myself and to others. You’ve made bold my heart, you’ve raised my voice to speak my truth and be my authentic sexy self. The Ballerina is capable of revealing so much more when you take time and allow yourself to be open and free to wander and linger wherever you may find yourself.

So many lessons in our short time together. Sometimes I cry out (or laugh!) “Who is this woman, who?” She is me. I have found myself. And we will never be parted.

We have LOVED reading stories from the Smile Makers community about how our products have changed their lives. If you’ve a story you’d like to share, feel free to write to us – every story shared makes us smile and helps inform us about the content you want to see.

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