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01 Jun 2023 (Last updated 14 Mar 2024)

How we masturbate: a community survey

Sexual Journey 1 min read
Smile Makers Author
How we masturbate: a community survey

In the world of sex, May is all about masturbation. (Self) lovingly known as Maysturbation, we celebrate all things self-pleasure.

At Smile Makers, your joyful sexual wellness brand, we have conversations everyday about masturbation. During Masturbation Month, we take it up a level with a community-wide survey about masturbation habits, techniques, and musings. More than 2000 participants took part in our daily questions. So, what did we find out?

From how often vibrators are used to masturbate, to just how little of us only use our hands; it was so much fun finding out more about how we masturbate! And, it turns out, using lube to masturbate is pretty popular and completely normal - of, course.

How about when we last masturbated? Or, first masturbated? Keep scrolling to find out.

infographics of a masturbation survey by Smile Makers

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