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17 Dec 2019 (Last updated 23 Jun 2023)

Four times for a sensual break during the holiday season

Solo Sex 2 min read
Smile Makers Author
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The holidays can be a stressful time. But in the middle of winter, we also need the break to recharge. We’ve listed 4 original ideas for a sensual Christmas break!

1. Pre-party mood booster.

Get your glow on with an orgasm! Take a beat before getting ready for your night out and make some time for pleasure. When we orgasm, our body releases endorphins which are a group of mood boosting, pain-relieving hormones. We also get a rush of oxytocin; a hormone that boosts our interest in social bonding, trusting others and can make us feel loving. What could look better with your party outfit than a confident, loveable twinkle in your eye!

2. Travel burnout.

If you’ve had to make a big trip back home only to be confronted with gathering after gathering, you might be craving some time alone or a way to blow off some steam. Don’t get us wrong, we love a gym session. However, when you are already tired plus feeling stressed, this might not be a great idea. High intensity work outs increase our cortisol levels. This “stress hormone” is crucial for overall wellbeing and in normal circumstance helps regulate our body clock.

However, increasing this stress response in your body when you’re already feeling agitated might leave you with a restless sleep. For a gentler approach to blowing off steam that actually reduces cortical and has been proven to help with sleep, get in the sheets with your vibrator!

3. Post-family drama.

We all have that one relative who insists on asking about our love life or thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to comment on our age and “biological clock.”

Reminder – it’s totally not ok!

If you’ve ended up feeling attacked and deflated after a holiday get-together, r&r and mood boosting is in order! Did you know that women who masturbate have a positive correlation with better self-esteem so making time for pleasure is literally a self-love tool? Being grilled about your relationship, body or life choices? Ugh, no thank you! Drown out those judgemental voice with your favourite vibrator and reconnect with your body through masturbation or slow sensual play with a trusted partner.

4. That weird void between Christmas day and New Year’s Day

You’ve eaten all the Christmas meal leftovers and have officially lost count of the last “just one more piece” of cheese. Christmas movies have lost their charm and no one wants to socialise. What else is there to do? Masturbation is a great way to learn what it is you enjoy about sex. If you’ve got time on your hands for hours of self-pleasure, think of it as an investment in your sex life. Try different vibrator speeds and pulsations, positions and erotic material. The possibilities are endless!

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